Why My Raw Diet Is Not the Most Important Thing

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B S says:

Super video man!

Clacla8888 says:

Great content, i was actually talking about this yesterday, how the food is so much Not the priority… The environment, the emotions and feelings are priority: i heard as an example: eat 5 pizza a day for a month and you maybe will feel not at your best or gain some weight, but not that big deal if your environment stays positive and stressless, BUT if your experience a traumatism, chock, etc for even 5 minutes, or war, disasters, stress, agressions, violence, that will really affect your body for the rest of your life… More than just not eating a "right" food
Glad to see a video on this topic, Hello from Fance

NaNa Nooprai says:

🙂 good na!

Alexander Hill says:

Ted that is the best video I've watched on YouTube so far.

Vegans Rising says:

Hey Ted, great video. You need to read my 1st blog post on site I've had the URL on for years but just finally wrote it. It's The Most Important Thing In Life. The site is the same name themostimportantthinginlife.com You can see it here: http://themostimportantthinginlife.com
It goes into depth about exactly what you were saying in your video, but I say it's right thinking. So, basically a change in words.
Let me know what you think

Poli Laventman says:

You'r so cool.

Von Dozzle says:

Go give 'em Ted! thanks brother

KasumiKriss says:

hahaha I also start smiling and laughing during cold showers! I now only take first a warm shower when I wash my hair, recently just been taking cold ones. and I live in the Netherlands :D.

Quang Ng says:

Hi Ted thanks for the for video. Are those rules inspired by Buddhism?

Candice C says:

I think this is your best video yet… great way to start my day. Thanks for keeping me inspired, Ted! <3 Candice

Alex Guerra says:

Thanks Ted, great videos. I have a question for you. I've read that vegans should supplement B12, do you do this? What's your point of view on this? Thanks!

Sonja Wells says:

AWESOME video Ted!!
i emailed you back.

leigh a says:

When will you be launching your video course?

azzzonline says:

"Get your body moving!" PERFECT Ted! I wish all humans would realize that, it decreases stress and aids in relieving aches and pains.

Erin_Ring_ does_things says:

Ted, this video is reminding me of all the things I have been implementing since watching a video of yours a while a go. You previously talked about creating content rather than consuming content. And being mindful of how the content you do consume effects you. Wonderful advice and as always I enjoyed this video immensely=)

Daphne van der Goot says:

the beatbox 😎

Terri S says:

I enjoy philosophical Ted 🙂 thank you

Joyful Determination says:

On point!!!!! Great video!!!

Cynthia vintagereads says:

totally had a bad day. Then I watch this. Thank you Ted <3

You are enough. says:

thank you so much. I needed this. It is taking some work because of how i've conditioned myself, but im making a consious decision to try and put my mental health first.

Layla Kerbs says:

15 minutes of meditation… I laugh as my 4 kids climb all over me 😂💖 oh well one day we will get there 🌞

Spiritual Tasha Mama says:

put that ring on ! lol

Jesse Thomas Hoffmann says:

Loved the impromptu beatbox! I live by the motto of living a life you don't need a vacation from, you have a very similar message. Thanks for the great video!


Can't agree more!!👍

Michelle Sunshinestar says:

Where are you living now?  What you are saying are basically my life beliefs.  I own two yoga mats.  I took yoga class at the community college, lots of fun.  I got an A.  I also keep a diary/journal.  My dad's side of the family has high blood pressure and high cholesterol.  I don't get that.  My blood pressure is always 120/80, and my cholesterol is good, my great uncle who is a doctor had that tested.

Jennifer Almond says:

good to watch the bad things and pray for them and use energy work to manifest positive solutions, visualize the situations changed into happy healthy situations

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