What I ate today: Paleo diet

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In this video I show you what I ate today on my paleo diet. I hope this gives you some meal ideas for easy, healthy and delicious meals to create at home.

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Rachel Tarr says:

do you use your own rose petals or do you order them from somewhere?

Myeisha Bleb says:

In the black pot that you have in lots of your videos, what kind is it? Is it like a crock pot?

trakba says:

No carbs at all in either Breakfast, lunch or dinner ??

Duy LÊ says:

Having Trouble STICKING with the Paleo Diet?
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paleo mama obsessions says:

I love paleo great video

Oana Pao says:

Hi, regarding to the apple cider vibager..what do as it mean "it comes with the mother"? Is a brand releated thing or…. And what is the % of alcohol i should chouse? In my country we have 5%, 8%, 9% Apple cider vinager. Thank you!

WordupknowJesus says:

What is the brand name of the ground sesame seed and salt ? It really helps us if you will list the products you use so we can find it. Thank you !! Great video and information ! All the best !

NIcole Brown says:

It all looks delicious. However, your chorizo doesn't look like the Mexican chorizo in USA. It looks better. It looks like sausage. I've never seen anyone eat Mexican chorizo by itself. I've mostly seen it cooked in with scrambled eggs or potatoes. Is it different or the same?

Sarah Elizabeth says:

Amazing salad! That avocado was huge!

DigginWells says:

Loved the video girl 🙂 The sesame salt spice thing sounds awesome! I need to get some of that 🙂

Passionately PALEO says:

Can I come live with you?! LOL 😀

W S says:

Steam-Boiled Eggs: 1/2 inch of water in the pan with eggs, cover on, boil 6 1/2 minutes, then 30 seconds under cool water. When peeling, crack in pan, letting cool water in shell (easier to peel).

JuztMeMe says:

Nice! Your home is beautiful, lush and green!

What brand of chocolate was that!

Peony_ Pear says:

Hi Catalina, love your meal ideas. I am a newcomer in paleo. Your menus are wonderful. I have incorporated some of them, in my diet as well. Thank You.

Nani Lu says:

I'd love to seemhow you make this sesam seeds with salt topping! Welcome back and happy new year!

W S says:

Enjoy your videos. Try one half inch of water in the pot when "steaming" the eggs. It works for me.

Ekka zach vlogs says:

hello katalina I really love ur channel so sweet of u. I'm fan f u.

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