Vegan Vs. Paleo Diet: What’s the Best Diet to Follow?

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Read about the difference between the vegan vs. paleo diet on my website here:

With so many diets out there today (like the vegan, paleo, ketogenic, GAPs, etc.), it can be hard to keep them all straight — and even harder to decide which one to follow. Each diet has its own benefits and drawbacks depending on the individual and their health needs.

In this episode of Ancient Medicine Today, Jordan Rubin discusses exactly what the vegan and paleo diets are, what you can eat on both diets and how they originated. He’ll also share some adult and kid-approved recipes and in the end, what the healthiest diet you can consume is.

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Daph Van says:

yes…I would like to see the Biblio diet.

Melody Patrick says:

I read the makers diet, and it was instrumental in transforming my health after struggling for 30 years with Crohn's Disease ! Would love to see the Bibliodiet!

Amel Zeggai says:

He is soooo cute, GOD bless him

Amel Zeggai says:

where to buy your PRODUCT IN GERMANY ???

Amel Zeggai says:

Hi there, have an important quetsions please, i use Tumeric, ginger direkt on my TEE, is that a good or i should ruther cook them ?? 2. is bio Salamon gut or bad for heath ??? 3. i don t want to be on Diet because i am going skinny, why can t think to make a session about how to get food that can make some people get fat !!! thank you in deed.

Jerry Howell says:

biblio rocks, he placed us in a garden and said we could eat of all that garden except 1 tree. that sounds like a raw vegan diet to me, lol

TheBeautylicious89 says:

Your son did absoulty well!!! No signs of insecurity 🙂

Nici English says:

biblio diet!

Nick Black says:

You guys did great. 😀😀

Angela Hayes says:

Bibilo diet! ❤️

Jaafar A says:

i like paleo better then vegan its better healthier then vegan

Chrissy Mullins says:

Your son looks just like you and did an incredible job for his age. He's following in your footsteps and I'm so thankful we have people like you.

Michelle Harris-Smith says:

all for the Biblio diet

J Madiha says:

Why not just combine them? I'm a paleo eater but i definitely wouldn't mind doing more raw vegan paleo for a week or a whole month.

Brian Carrillo says:

Im in for the biblio diet!

Karen Gaines says:

Biblio diet is a great name! I love that you believe in creation rather than an earth that is millions of years old.

Carol Swindler says:

I would love to see the Biblio diet

Tiffany Locus says:

I am interested in learning about a post-surgery diet that helps the body heal from an incision

Jannice C says:

Adding the Bible into my diet is a real turn off. No to the name "Biblio" diet.

Deborah McAlmont says:

Hi Josh hansome young man! good to see you going healthy.

The Man in the Motorcycle Mask says:

how much fish is healthy? what about mercury?

Dennis Prather says:

Hands in Pockets is a Bozo no-no. Practice talking with hands in motion.

Stevie Paton says:

Josh was adorable. Love how genuine you all are. It's okay to spill things 🙂  Thanks for being real.  Love all the info. God bless you all  🙂

Stevie Paton says:

would like to know more about Bible diet 🙂

Elaine Davids says:

A Biblio diet is something I've hoped for since 2014 when I first heard about the Paleo diet. This would be huge for me!

barry hacklem says:

Very poor representation of what a paleo diet is when you described it. Paleo diets are essentially what the blue zone inhabitants eat. Vegetable based, with modest fruits and tubers, some nuts and seeds, and around 0.7lbs to 1lb of meat or fish. It's not a "meat & egg" based diet. Some paleo template diets also allow a few Neolithic foods like raw dairy, sprouted legumes, and sprouted ancient grains like einkorn. I've tried many fad diets over my years, including atkins, veganism. Paleo diets when done properly is the only optimal diet humans should be on, regardless if you believe in natural selection or creationism.

Lee BK says:

Biblio diet sounds excellent!

Kevin Godinho says:

Im down for the Biblio diet

Karen Dittmann says:

can we use our home made bone broth in the shake ???

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