The only Pet Food I use is with Puppies, Raw Diet for Dogs

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Abady Pet Food
Peter Caine Dog training


Alexandria Rivera says:

Cannot find a retailer or website with this food


wtf was that flying across the room. Was that a pigeon?

Mati Ferreira says:

I would like to use this with my week old pup. Is there a suggested serving size?

Christopher Michael says:

Hello Peter, I have a 15 week old Australian Shepherd. She has been on Diamond Puppy kibble has already no interest in it and has dandruff and itchy skin (no flees). I would like to start switching her to raw but I do not know if I should abruptly do it or if so what to start with. She is about 15 lbs now. The only thing I have done is given her raw egg with her kibble. I'm worried about diarrhea if I abruptly switch.

Diane Boni says:

Hello Peter, What do you think of Hare today gone tomorrow real food? I understand you have to add supplements and fiber yourself but have you ever used Hare today Gone Tomorrow? I always had 80-150 pd dogs bit now have a 3 pd dog so going this route. never heard if line mentioned in your video and was curious of your thoughts. Thanks and LOVE your videos!

Mikayla Bucci says:

Hey Peter Caine, what would you suggest feeding kittens? I am planning to get one soon and would like to give it a raw diet but I am not at what age it would be appropriate for a cat.

Denis Lajmsner says:

man if i only remmember all the smashing of chicken 😀 i broke 2 knives and 1 kitchen axe in the proces of bringing up my dog 😀

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