The Anti-Cancer Green Juice

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Prevention starts HERE. This green juice is the most alkalizing juice! It’s filled with minerals, phytonutrients, antioxidants, and powerful proteins. One a day keeps the doctor away!

❤2-4 Large Cucumbers
❤Head of Spinach
❤Green Kale
❤Black Dinosaur Kale
❤5-6 Stalks Celery
❤Bunch of Romaine
❤FEW Dandelion Leaves (Note: if you do not want this to be bitter, leave out the dandelion leaves)
❤Juice of 5-8 Lemons
❤Optional: Thumb of Ginger

Use your favorite greens. Do not feel that you need to be exact with amounts on the greens. It’s the combination of them that matters. Run all ingredients through a juicer, strain, and savor! Happy, healthy, juicing!

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Nature's Wild Berry says:

Green drinks are so healthy! We want to help make them sweet!!

janet mottley says:

love those bracelets and flowers!! i watch your vids because of the amazing colors wow!

Casper0878 says:

Video starts at 1:05, you are welcome!

Paulie X says:

i know where i want to stick those two cucumbers

thesolverr says:

Its better not to store it. Thats abit too much. Its best to do small quantity and drink it immediately.

Amie Fitzpatrick says:

Hearing the swallowing part NOT necessary 😞

Noel White says:

One of my favorite juices I'm buying a Hurom juicer my Kuvings juicer didn't do to well

Watermelon Tran says:

Before watching this, I just saw a cancer commercial…. What irony…

Journey of Light says:

How much protein is in this juice?

Eugene Reeves says:

photo shopping your pictures ??????
hmm……the other or REAL photos
look better, beautiful curves

Denis Epshteyn says:

i got a drinking game. drink every time she says "i believe"..

bring back dauntless! at the disco says:

while this won't hurt you, I don't think this will prevent cancer.

Samuel Hunt says:

wheatgrass would make this complete…

Irisha says:

can i sweetened this with green apples, green pears, kiwi, green grapes?

Melexi Moon says:

I'm sorry but dandelion greens are a game changer in health and wellness. I had to disguise the flavor with alot of carrot and apple in my juice. No one should have to suffer through cancer and the radiation bs when we have this knowledge of how to heal the body thru a plant based diet and juicing. I'm convinced that dandelion greens are my body's best friend.

RANDY G says:

this drink gives you cancer

slash2jimi says:

Juice raw cannabis.

oneness real truth says:

why 843 dislies lol maybe red bull.followers

Julie Clark says:

I am allergic to cucumbers what else could I use instead

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