TESTING Audrey Hepburn’s Detox Diet! What Happened When I tried Audrey’s Detox!

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I tried out Audrey’s detox diet! Here’s what happened!
Audrey Hepburn’s diet- https://goo.gl/4yqB7f
Marilyn Monroe’s Diet- https://goo.gl/U6gxsJ
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Hello Vintage Dolls! Today I am testing Audrey Hepburn’s detox diet! This video has been so requested! Once a month Audrey would detox. Her detox diet consisted of apples, yogurt and a gallon of water! Watch this video to see what happened!

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beccaboo2503 says:

So I'm actually doing a detox on the day I'm watching this and I'm struggling with water so I literally turned this video into a drinking game, every time you said water or drank water I took a drink and managed to get in almost a litre, thanks 😂❤

Leah Tackles says:

I love how you filmed this!!

BrittanArianne says:

Loved this! I'm definitely going to try it out.

قناه برنسس روز Princessروز says:


Thesi says:

Loved the video so much Evelyne !🐇 it was so different and interesting 🍧 ilyyy

Grace Victoria says:

where are your slipper's from 🙂

Crystal heart says:

I can't wait to try!! love these recent videos 🌹

Tracy Warman says:

Hey Emelyne! A trick to getting the water down easier is getting a pint sized (32 oz) coke seltzer flavored water thing. They have them at Walmart for 75¢ here. I either drink the coke in it or dump it out, then I have this big water bottle (but still a manageable size) that I only fill up 4 times a day, not 8 times like the regular 16 oz bottles. Hope this helps and love these vintage diet videos your doing!

ChloeGurrl says:

I really like this series of celebrity diets it's really interesting to see how they ate and how they detoxed! I can't eat yogurt tho the texture makes me like gag lmao 😂

Samantha Avelar says:

My stomach bloats only at the bottom too 😂 it can be annoying because I'm like a normal size/skinny but my lower stomach is a little puffed out 🙄

V Paranna says:

I love Audrey

V Paranna says:

Can you do a vintage spring video

Candace G says:

I'd love to see any kind of vintage fashion related videos. For example, vintage clothing & accessory try ons & showing how you would style the pieces in everyday life. Also, hauls of your vintage finds (kitchen, home decor, clothing, etc.). 🙂

Tory Grewar says:

How did you feel the morning after? Do you think it was worth it?

HCLF fox says:

omg yessss daiya pizza is life! I had the pepperoni one last time and now I can't find it anywhere anymore 🙁 it was so delicious!!

Ella G says:

Love this💖💖💖

Cat M says:

I think I might actually try this detox. Most detoxes leave you starving but as you said you didn't feel hungry rather just craving food i think i might try, plus i have diabetes type one so I've been looking for something to flush some of those bad things out that come with having it haha. Loved the video!!!

Payton Smith says:

loved the video!! You should do a teacup haul. I'm starting my own collection and I love them! 💕

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