Serious Dangers of a Raw Food Diet

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Close This video is a sequel to our last video call, ‘a cooked food diet is better than a raw food diet. That raw food video was so popular that I made this sequel. There is very important information here that can help people immensely who are looking into raw foods.


david mehta says:

Raw food dishs like a salad should be a major part of any adults diet but raw food should not totally replace your food intake.Common sense IMHO.

Silviu Dumitru says:

Can you eat raw meat? I agree that raw food is good, but seriously salads? Where are my proteins? Have you ever tried to eat only once a week, not because of a trend, but because you don't have any other possibility?

Kesh Pillay says:

i agree, its impossibile to go totally raw, ,balance is the key

Claudia Thompson says:

Our body needs to have Whole Grains, Legumes, Vegetables, Fruits and Nuts. And it is good to eat as many foods in their natural state as you can. You will of course need to cook the Whole Grains and Legumes. Plenty of pure water, Exercise, Temperance- no coffee, tea or alcohol, Sunshine, Fresh air, 8 hours rest as night, and Trust in God which de-stresses.

GGirll22 says:

Thanks for the information.

Treasure Hunting Pro says:

Well I like fish chips and mushy peas.can I still do this 1 time per week.

Prairie Candle says:

I want to play with your hair so bad- I can't even listen to what you're saying

Vkei+fitness says:

I watche this before but re watching cause I had an incident when I was eating my raw salad with miso paste (raw) and probably ate a bit too much that I felt like I was going to die, dizzy faint almost and heart beat racing I think the sodium in it made my Bp go high and since this time I feel same thing if I eat a bit too much of anything too sweet or salty fruit and veggies too or certain supplements. I wasn't even 100% raw more like 97-99% [8 years in and out but lately for the past 2-3 years more committed] anyone know what this is ? Before this incident I haven't had issues like this or is it just cause I'm cleaning out better than before.

jhnb12876 says:

Veganism and raw food people are a religion and cult to themselves! Sick of their hate too bro!

Liberator the Righteous Warrior says:

Cook food is garbage dude…what are you taking about?

ms Pocahontas says:

I appreciate everything your saying, thank you so much. this is helping me alot! your awesome

Karen Wendorf says:

This is interesting on numerous levels and I just found you and love your work and philosophy already but the body becoming fat is of particular interest to me.
Let me speculate, first the body storing the food as you say makes me think of how the body reacts in the cancer process and isolates toxins so they don't effect the organs which is likely involved with tumors.. but there is so much microbial, fungal and other activity going on, I guess that the artificial chemicals and abominations of nature usher these in with them almost automatically and generally help them to proliferate. In some of the earlier cancer work especially they directly correlated tumors with parasites and such.

Nary a human could be found without them today anyway but that doesn't frighten me so much because it tells me the perfect possibility to elevate above that and have a body that scares away nanodemons instead of invites them lol and I have a lot of motivation but awareness of the microscopic hell on Earth is a useful one. Along with awareness of the reality we're rightfully born to. Thank you for helping enlighten and illuminate the world

Jose Halftime says:

inspirational man

Billboard Cowboy says:

What is your opinion of including raw (not pasteurized) milk into a raw food diet?

mrazik131 says:

the bacteria in gut will ajust to what u eat

Delta Petra says:

I never went through withdrawals. I went from eating hot pockets and taco bell, hotdogs, mcdonalds, etc… to Lots of bananas, salad, fruit, rice, and potatoes, OVER NIGHT. Never craved the bad stuff, never withdrawled. I always do enemas tho', so I wonder if that prevented withdrawal symptoms.

Delta Petra says:

lmfao, you want people to be basic mortals instead of deities with magic.

Solace Creat says:

Dude. Trim the brows a little.

karen c says:

If you are stuck eating a raw food diet and would feel unwell plus gain back weight if you transitioned to a whole food diet. Then why not start eating 90 percent raw and 10 percent whole. So what I am saying is slowly, very slowly begin eating whole Foods so the body has time to adjust.

The Gardening World says:

Your a complete idiot. You do not mix meat proteins with salads, veggies or fruits. When you do the enzymes in your body get confused. It takes 3 hours for enzymes to break down salads or veggies which is why your suppose to eat a salad first. It takes the body 6-10 hours for enzymes to break down meats which is why you eat meats after a salad not with it. When you eat meat mixed with salads or greens the enzymes get confused and then try to break down the meats first because it is harder for them so the enzymes then put aside the salad or greens for later so the veggies and salad sits in your stomach until the enzymes are done breaking down the meat therefore losing all nutritional value of the salad and veggies PLUS when things like salads and fruit sit in your stomach as long as the meats do they then become rotten and ferment right in your guy just as fruit sitting in 98 degree sun for 10 hours. YOU DO NOT eat salads mixed with meats nor do you mix with fruit. You eat your salad 15 to 30 minutes before consuming any meat proteins. Where in the hell do you get your facts??? because you are 100% wrong and no absolutely NOTHING about the body, how it works, how it digests things nor do you know anything about nutrients and how the enzymes breaks them down. You need to go back to whatever you did before you got into giving people advise because your an idiot and if anyone listens to this idiots advise your just that, an idiot because he is 100% wrong and is NOT someone who knows anything about food, the body or how the body functions.

The Gardening World says:

People do not listen to this idiot. Cooked food is NOT better than a raw food or fresh food lifestyle. Cooked food loses 40 to 70% of its nutrients. That is a fact, not an opinion. You do not need fish or fish oil to get your omega 3's, you get them in a better way by greens like Purslane, flaxseed or greens in general. Why do you think so many illness and disease is out there? It is because of cooked meats, the wrong kinds of meats and the lack of nutrients you actually get because when you cook everything as i said it loses 40% to 70% of its nutients right off the start. Even just steaming your veggies loses 60% of its nutrients. You need to eat mostly fresh fruits and fresh veggies and to really get a high amount of nutrients eat lots of sprouts. I will not even waste my time listening to an idiot who would ever say that cooked foods is more better for you than raf/fresh foods because he does not have a clue of what he is talking about and that is just simply facts.

Dzeyewir Suife Delphine says:

Thanks a lot matt,I was planning to embark on the raw food diet but now i will follow your advice.

Rachel Hudson says:

What a load of BS! You talk utter bollocks.

Jahsin Carmeanic says:

I'm stuck here to Matt!!! 11 years raw vegan this May 1st! THANK YOU for your wise words. I saw you speak at Terra Bella back in '08 and you were (and still are) a huge inspiration. Love this video. 🙂 much luv

Glenn Sandberg says:

Matt, I completly understand what you're sayin' and I agree with you 100%.

I've been doin' that "Whole Foods List" of yours even when I didn't know you existed and my question is.. You wrote chicken and turkey.. Can you eat any bird and can you boil quinoa, beans and those instead of steaming? Is that okey?

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