Sana Juicer by Omega – Introducing and Juicing video

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Introduction and juicing test of a brand new Sana Juicer by Omega.


Kiana Romero says:

yea, great shape juicer i live in the states where can i buy it

Kiana Romero says:

would like to buy this juicer do you ship to usa and what do i need to do

Kozák Anikó says:

Could you please make a video about how to clean the locking clip.
I folowed you instruction – I found here- how to cleanit after unscrewing however putting the pieces together causes me headache…


Those juices look so delicious and healthy, can wait to get my omega,it's not the sana one but it will work like that 8005,nice vid GOD BLESS!!

Cosmic Joke says:

BRAVO ! I loved this demo ! 
Very helpful, and Thank you for the beautiful images, I loved the glasses shape and the view over the rainbow at the end. :-)

Vladimír Fiala says:

Hello, how it is possible u dont have any problem wit pineapple?:) I have this juicer and it s nearly always clogged with pineapple .or kiwi.

Laraa Cool says:

Igyál ha szomjas vagy, vagy száraz a torkod ne köhögjél 🙂 

David V says:

Is the auger also BPA free?

SIDA says:

It seems that the extracted pulp is very wet still and the juice has alot of pulp also. 
Is this desirable? Doesn't it take your body longer to digest it? Shouldn't the juice be pulp free so that it travels through your blood stream faster and do what it's suppose to do,nourish and repair your blood cells?

Andrea Figallo Private says:

I bought it. It's great!!

pecfree says:

awesome colours. fruits and vegs really are God's youth elixir. thanks

Greta Quadrati says:

I'm waiting for the second video, to learn all the uses of my beautiful juicer!

John Texas says:

Love your videos-you all and John Kohler have done such a great service to people, and I hope you're successful in Europe.  But–where is this juicer from?  Doesn't seem to belong to either the 8000 family or the NC family.  And yes, I have the NC800 now to replace the 8004 and I love it.  And I don't care about BPA in the plastic.

Louis Geri says:

BPA free is a bogus feature. When tested all plastics have endocrine disruptors and/or estrogen mimetics

Marc Seelen says:

I have one at home now ………..Where is the follow up video, you promised? I would love to see more demos please.

Raw Energy21 says:

Where is the follow up video, you promised? Just got this juicer and I would love to see more demos please.

DonYuJuana says:

Questionable review; almost everything juiced was a fruit or vegetable with extremely high water content. The "leafy greens" were also clearly supple, high water content sprouts, rather than something like wheatgrass, and, or, kale—not to mention the convenient video cut between initial juicing, where it has "zero foam", and only 2/3rds of the sprouts were apparently used to create that much juice… This video is slightly misleading a best.

Gina G says:

I so want to buy this juicer but I live in the States. This juicer is so impressive. Is there any way, at all, that I can purchase it? 

Ana Alves says:

I would love to see it making nut butter

nanomyou5 says:

Is it Bisphenol S (BPS) not just BPA free? Thanks!

daniel tsachev says:

omega  NS 800 VIDEO?

daniel tsachev says:

oskar neo 1000 video?

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