My Take on The Paleo Diet

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A JYM Army member asks what my opinion is of the Paleo Diet…


Joshua Ehl says:

Thank you for the break down on this one.

Bree Haider says:

Great video Jim. I love your everything! I use your supplements, workouts and diet tips all the time. You are one of the only professionals that I trust. I have a Kin degree and was a hockey player and golfer in college (scholarships for both). I have to ask your advice on this, maybe you can make a video about it? Have you heard of Ray Peat? I need to know if his thoughts on sugar and poly-unsaturated fatty acids are legit?? I know that you have talked about the importance of sugar before and that it is sometimes a hard sell to people that are training….This is a big ask, but I thought I would through it out there:).

Ravilan Gabriel says:

just got my shredd jym n alpha jym

Vlad Dunda says:

Yeah…..Not totally correct but the killer is the 'Need" for refined sugar in an athlete. Maybe that's why I'm a diabetic listening to people like you and joe weider in the 80's. fucking mirror warriors.

Ramaize Atique says:

Hey Jim, are any of your products available in the UK? Also, what's your take on number of meals per day? Thanks!

Chris Gainey says:

he jus said no peanuts r allowed but then said u can eat nuts..which is it

Alexander Karpov says:

Why did you mention spiking insulin without refined sugars if even proteins or simple bcaas can spike it

Physically Faithful says:

I personally HIGHLY DISAGREE! I have been following Paleo for 6 years now, no grains, no dairy, I do eat sweet potatoes. I know for a fact that as an athlete, and cancer survivor, it has improved my strength and digestion.

1262Scorch says:


ChaldeanBroski'sTV says:

I just saw vegan gains video and I have to say you don't provide much information when it comes to nutrition. Sorry bro 😕

uncouthLIyouth says:

why do I get the feeling that this guy will sway the science to fit his agenda and sell supps whenever he opens his mouth? this diet isnt ideal because you can't have projym and dextrose.

nothousebroke says:

what are good sodium quanitys for folks working out regularly.

Jean Jospitre says:

I say keto!

Dennis Mocheniat says:

So refreshing to see someone protecting all food groups ))

E Jöhnsön says:

Awesome thanks for the advice. I am doing just fine following your advice and by that staying away from fad diets.

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