My Results after the 24 Hr Holiday Detox Diet (Must Watch)

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Ecstatic, overjoyed, excited,exremely happy. ENOUGH SAID!! !

The link below is how I made the 24 Hr Detox Diet Juice:


mrstlovely says:

so happy for you gurlie!!! woot woot!!

msvonetta1 says:

OMG I cannot believe I missed this–I am sooo happy for u!!! I have to try this –I am doing SacredHeart now but you know that is a whole week- I think I can live with this detox juice-one day, 5 pounds! amazing! Did any wt come back?? I hope now! That fat flush works!! Congrats chica! You deserve to celebrate 🙂

Taina009 says:

wow that is so great!!!!!!!!!!!

bamagirl7995 says:


angeljuls says:

I can't see this video on my Android, but I read you lost 5 pounds. Congrats!!!! I'm getting my surgery date Monday and I am exited and scared, but I see your videos and I think to my self if she did it after all she has gone through I can do this too. YOU INSPIRE ME MELANIE!!!

Cledra McCullers says:

GREAT JOB MELANIE!!!!! Celebrate lady you deserve it!!! Congratulations!

LosingDrea says:

Way2Go Melanie, that is just awesome I am so happy for you! Congratulations!!! Just keep on doing your thing now and keep it off! ~hugs!~

Sira says:

Yayyy! Thanks for sharing. You've inspired me to do the detox too!

mypombella says:

Congrats Mel! You can keep it up!

MsBandtastic says:

I loved this video. It has me smiling to see you so happy and excited. Congratulations.

PandasLapBand says:

Woohoo! Go Melanie!

Blakkandi says:


GhrelinBgone says:

I feel your excitement! glad you're back in a Happy Place!

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