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I’ve gained about 20+ pounds and its time to lose it. Follow my weight loss journey as I start it off by resetting my body and cleaning/detox for 10 days with the “Master Cleanse” aka the lemonade diet. I am currently 192lbs in this video. We will see the before and after in 10 days, ready??? Ok let’s go!

Products used in this video that you can order from my Amazon at a discounted price:

Organic Maple Syrup (Grade B) 32oz

Cayenne Pepper

Smooth Move Laxative Herbal Tea

Sea Salt


Maggie Adams says:

i am 4 days into my @teamiblendsuk detox and i feel spectacular, got more energy, face seems clearer and generally feel happier. I hope you get the same positive outcome for your goal to lose weight hang in there!

ashley jackson says:

So How'd it go? I'm on day 3

karen dizon says:

did you eat anything before your day 1?

natalee3230 says:

I personally dont find you fat just right!

SouthernRoadgeek says:

Best of luck, Braxton. Just stay focused, and you'll be fine.

Juliun Lewis says:

Keep motivated

Yae Yae says:

I started my detox yesterday!cant wait for the next video!

Honeycomb Monroe says:

Good for you! I'm going to do something about my weight, cleanse, and exercise be4 summer.

Tre the Dread Rosta says:

I saw the shopping part on your Snapchat story. that make my day man.

Kelly You says:

Are your lemons "organic" ?

Tee Woodz says:

Hope the best for you I will stay tuned. You just gave my fat ass hope.

Flab To Fitchick says:

I know the feeling. When I was in high school I danced on a competition team six days a week. Soon as I went to college I stopped doing all activity. Gained over 100 pounds. 80 of those 100 are gone at this point. It happens. Good luck!

Braxton Pitre says:

Thank you A lot! Glad you said something because u would have just cut the lemons as they were . Anyway, glad you're still alive I see lol

CharlesTerry Jr says:

hopefully it works for you… I wasn't gonna say nothing about the weight gain🙈🙉🙊with lemons make sure you Roll them on the counter with your hand to soften them to get the most juice out. #GOODLUCK

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