Master Cleanse ~ Day 40 of 40

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I did it! I completed 40 days on the master cleanse! This has been an amazing journey. I have never felt this connected to myself and I have lost over 32 pounds!


MadAboutRoses says:

Vegan lifestyle is the best! I have been vegan for over 2 years now! Happy
for you!!

LatinaHks says:

My mom is Vegan! 😀 if you want to see what my mom eat everyday, take a
look at her pictures on Instagram! Her Instagram name is @sommerkupp
I love that she is vegan and make us vegan food for dinner everyday!
I am proud I you btw 🙂 I can’t wait to see results on my own!

Sara Bushra says:

I love seeing the transformations! People get so pretty afterwards like
you, you’re absolutely gorgeous. Can’t wait to start losing the pounds!

Blomst Rende says:

i hope she survived till her orange juice day. LOL

Dream214 says:

Look at you girl, 40 Days !

Morgan Kerr says:

Can it repair teeth?

Nasim Moghim says:

Wow great result,I have on question so did eat too or u just did the drink
only for 40 days?
Thank you

Skyla Shanell says:

40 days? Good Lord. That can’t be good.

Jesus AnswersOne says:

This is my 40th day too! I will go 42 days which is 6 weeks. I began on
July 21st. Good job!

Mj Ladrillono says:

Did you exercise ? 

leadingEdge04 says:

how quickly do you gain the weight back?

Mordithar says:

this women is very YIN in chinese medicine terms. Going on a vegan diet is
only going to make it worse… So i guess this story has a sad ending =(

Cory Hamel says:

If you have a functioning liver you don’t need to do a cleanse.

petecabrina says:

Nice that worked for you but everyone needs to remember this diet is
terribly low is essential nutrients, people should really throw some
vegetable juicing in there or simply do a vegetable juicing diet. Hunger
from lack of carbs is also going to be a huge issue, no harm in the least
in adding complex carbs like brown rice, 100% whole wheat products and a
little fruit if you are desperate for energy; fibre along with your carbs
will help them burn slower as well.

Taking care of hunger from lack of energy is always the biggest issue in
dieting and will quickly lead back to poor eating, brown rice is king and
even regarded as ‘magic’ in fitness circles for taking care of energy. 

Sero El Mero says:

Is there a limit how much I should drink a day?

Skyla Shanell says:

Just my thoughts… BUT its amazing! She’s tough.

Bruce Key says:


Ms88keys1 says:

Is there a link regarding instructions and recipe regarding this Master
Cleanse. I was hoping you would have a link. I’m 30 pounds away from being
my ideal weight so I’m very interested. I had major surgery so exercising
is out of the picture! Please someone provide info about the official

Melissa Mendoza says:

did you gain any weight back after finishing??

Janna Hagan says:

Wow! 40 days is amazing.

Tamara Duro says:

aww you are so sweet. Very happy for you. Gonna try the 14 day version

Derrick N says:

How much weight did you lose? Nice to see a day one and day 40 body pic to
compare. You look amazing btw. great skin tone and hair looks amazing. Good

Anna Kirkland says:

I’m trying to lose weight, I am only 12 but I really want to. Do you think
I should try this?

Gavarni Bijovug says:

You looked healthier and younger in the first video. I feel that you are
punishing your body.

Elizabeth Ortiz says:

I tried doing this and didn’t last a day! :(

ploy3513 says:

Omg youre so inspiring! Thank you so much!

Kaddelchen says:

Sooooo helpful!!! You look awesome !! 🙂 

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