K9 Instinct; German Shepherd dog eating a raw food diet! (Raw meat diet for dogs!)

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My 19 month old German Shepherd eating his raw meat, raw bone and raw organ breakfast! This meal contain two small chicken necks, a mix of ground beef and beef heart chunks, green beef tripe and beef liver – all raw, all nutritious, all extremely healthy!


David McClellan says:

We agree completely with raw feeding, based on our own real life

We had a lot of trouble with bladder stones with our Hannah (a Cairn
terrier) including an instances of acute retention which could have killed
her, but a change of diet to an unprocessed bland and natural one,
including raw seem to solve the problem on a life long basis. Most vets
seem to favour a change of diet.

For a successful bladder stone raw diet and description of Hannah’s
problems and details of her case history please see –

Ceekay420 says:

Boy was he struggling with that piece @ 1:00 LOL

Sandra G. Wolff says:

88% puppy owners poisoning her dog slowly everyday? You might be one?

go fukurself says:

im getting hungry just watching

Tyto Alba says:

wow. he is a very well behaved boy. good job!

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