Juicing vs. Blending which has a higher concentration of nutrients?

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A new study reveals green juice has up to twice the concentration of key nutrients as green smoothies visit http://www.juicingscience.com/ to find out all of the facts.


Benjamin Briggs says:

This is absolute BS. “Twice the concentration” is just advertising spin
that actually means “more vitamins per serving”. Of course there are less
servings in juice; you literally remove all the fiber (which by the way,
inhibits your body’s ability to curb the amount of sugar that is absorbed,
causing a huge insulin spike). The icing on the cake is all their “lab
tests” were paid for in full by Breville, THE COMPANY THAT MAKES THIS
JUICER. Don’t be fooled by pretty websites with graphs and charts, trust
your common sense, and ACTUAL science. This is absolutely a scam.

canibuswarrior13 says:

lol so just because juicing is faster it produces 2x the concentration of
some vitamins? tbh I myself own a juicer and a blender and I love to mix
both of the drinks or one day I’ll have a blended drink and the other a
juice….can’t go wrong with either.

Raihanas Cuisines says:

I am debating with this brand and the vita mix!

King Lenny says:

“Fat, Sick, and Nearly Dead”

good 2 know lel

Dane Sayers says:

Lol how Can this advertisement even try to pretend a juicer is more
convenient than making a smoothie. If you use a juicer you need to wash
after each use and let me tell you, it sucks.. Yes.. you have to clean a
blender too but it’s not even comparable. Also I just wanted to add that
the real nutrients and fiber that appeal to people health wise are blended
into a smoothie whereas a juicer tosses them aside. It doesn’t even make
sense to think juicing>blending.

Netou G. R says:

LIE, big fat L I E, juicing disposes the fiber plus some vitamins in it,
blending just uses everything in the fruit/vegetable with no disposals.

Liz Rodriguez says:

How to clean breville. It looks dull after each use. Any suggestion?

Juicer Beast says:

Youtube video from Breville with Joe Cross from Fat, Sick and Nearly Dead
on Juicing vs. Blending. 

EV S says:

Breville, I own a ton of your kitchen appliances. I also own a Vitamix
(seen to the right in this commercial). I had respect for your company.
Juicing is NOT as healthy as blending the entire fruit/apple/whatever into
a smoothie. That big bucket to the left that strains so much out? Yea thats
the stuff you WANT in your health drink. PS: Be real and put it VS the totl
Vitamix. The Pro750 will turn anything into a drink so fine It’ll have the
same consistency of a juicer. Good luck in your war vs the best blender on

Bruce Chapman says:

For me it’s juicing all the way! I understand the whole fiber thing and I
just prefer to eat a salad and drink a delicious glass of fresh juiced
apples and carrots etc. instead of sucking it all out of a glass.

abushwoman says:

Breville this commercial is ridiculous, especially since you have juicers
in your arsenal of products you manufacture.

Lou Lobs says:

Fucking piss off with these commercials no one cares you fuck

Ashlie Sherwin says:

I love how the Vitamix drink is lumpy. All my Vitamix smoothies come out
like silk. My daily smoothie makes me feel fantastic and virtually cured my
IBS. If I used a juicer instead I’d have the squirts all day. No thanks! 

geonerd says:

What a dreadful, intentionally misleading ad. Crap like this does nothing
more than give your company a bad name. The Marketing Monkeys who dreamed
it up need to be fired, as well as the Pointy Haired Idiot who signed the

Tdog redman says:

Snipin’s a good job, mate.

Katelyn Holly says:

Joe has a commercial! 

breville says:
meg swin says:

#splashscore !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

iDoLiZeDbyALL says:

Takes longer to clean the juice than it does to make and drink the juice.
So much waste with a juicer. I have both and live my Ninja blender. You can
make a ton of stuff in it and cost a fraction of the juicer. Most
importantly….EASY CLEAN UP

ando1135 says:

juicing fruits and veggies is not only less healthy than eating said fruit
and vegetable, but its also a waste. you juice an apple, all you get it
sugar and water content of the fruit. with some nutrients. what is left is
the fiber and the other nutrients in the skin and pulp. not to mention
juicing goes through all your fruits and veggies in one full swoop.

joblessalex says:

Please stop. I’m allergic to green.

Gabriel Gutierrez says:

Is it true that the director is fat,sick,and nearly dead?

angelina martinez says:

What was that song called ❔

Joeylaps610 says:

What’s the song

Lolo Molo says:

When he says green drinks look the same don’t they the look nothing alike
so stop doing the fucking advertisment it is getting old

clausell sylvester/flavonoidz says:
Kenneth Dement says:

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