Juicing Leafy Green Vegetables with a Breville Juicer

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A few people had asked how well a Breville juices greens in my Jack LaLanne vs. Breville juicing video so I thought I’d show my Breville JE98XL juicing some kale.


The Sexy Bits Channel says:

what about putting the left overs in a blender then putting it in a

makesoundsnotlove yess says:

I’ve seen a lady use the pulp form kale for a round 2, something you may
want to consider!

Rob Williams says:

Answer to the question what to do with discards: worms. Composting worms.

C Dub says:

So what setting did you juice on? Anybody? 

C Dub says:

So what setting did you juice on? Anybody? 

jemma webb says:

You can also re-juice the kale. I do that along with adding a little bit of
water with the kale to ensure I get as much nutrients as I can. Happy

MarieDouce Belanger says:

is it good to make wheatgrass juice too?????

Joel Cowley says:

with kale juiced , never waste food so consider using pulp for making a
tablouli recipe instead of parsley for example. Even finely chop kale pulp
finer adding to your homemade pasta recipe.just a idea 

Mary Rogers says:

I was recently diagnosed with cancer so I bought a Breville to start
juicing to try to combat the cancer cells. Some good tips in the comments
about how to juice kale, and a nice video to show just how much juice I can
reasonably expect. Thanks!

Luce Blasphemic DEhumanize says:

Which Breville juicer is this? I am thinking of the Breville JE98XL Juice
Fountain Plus 850-Watt Juice Extractor. Because it seems to do a fantastic
job with most fruits and veggies and also with leafy greens. I see that
yours does a pretty good job at it so maybe there won’t be too big of a
juicing difference between the models when it comes to leafy greens.

Timothy Goodfellow says:

use the low setting for leafy greens, works better for me but takes a
little longer 

Maria Martinez says:

I’m looking into getting one of these juicers. What would you do with the
pulp from the kale? Is it useful for anything?

CannabisExpress says:

what have i recently started doing is juicing using my breville…then
taking the juice and the left over greens that didnt get juiced and
blending it together to make a smoothie. I do this especially with Kale
because i feel like a lot of kale is being wasted. Doing that is wayyyy
better idea then say getting a “vitamix” blender that is about 500
bucks…which is INSANE.

Lana Vienna says:

I have this juicer and I hate it.

Olivia Love Worthy says:

Hi, what speed do you use for greens? I just started juicing with a
Breville, thank you!

isiton212 says:

Dude. don’t lean down on that juicer like that. You will burn out the motor
and the basket slows down so much you get bugger all juice anyway – you
just shred the veg and throw it all into the pulp bin. Let the poor thing
run at its own pace and feed the veg in at a rate it can handle. It amazes
me how some people have NO IDEA how to work within the limits of mechanical
devices. Doesn’t that laboring motor sound wrong to you? Are you waiting to
see smoke or flames before you back off a bit?

Bricksmama says:

Would you use the pulp in soups and stuff or toss it?

Dan Solomon says:

Fortunately, I can handle greens with no problem. I think part of it is
that psychologically I understand the benefits that I’m ingesting. You can
throw an apple or two in just about any drink and it makes it immensely
more palatable. I agree. After my first 7 day juice fast everyone noticed
how white the whites of my eyes were. It was amazing. Really does work. And
yes, don’t waste that pulp! Throw it in the compost bin!

iampennochio says:

Ive got the same juicer its good for a mid range price tag. Ive only found
one way to stomach the taste of the nasty greens. Half a lemon and inch of
ginger. Everything else ive tried makes me puke! I did a 7 day detox and my
face peeled my tongue caked up with white fur and my red eyes went to
white. Shit definitely works. I throw the pulp on the veggie patch!

Dan Solomon says:

No problem!

Dan Solomon says:


Tammy Price says:

Can’t you make a nice salad out of the leftovers??

Hector Mayoral says:

Nice! Kale’s the best, I wonder what the juice tastes like!

Jackie Bourg says:

Last week bought Jack LaLanne…He can take it to the grave! Today I went
to buy Breville like the one in the vid. I find the pulp tooooo wet…some
of the celery pieces flew into the bin… Sigh. I’ll have to return this
one also and go with the new OMEGA 400.

Bricksmama says:

Wow it’s awesome to take all of that kale and reduce it to a couple shots!
Especially if you don’t like veggies like me. lol

quesati says:

Do you mind elaborating on why? I was thinking of getting this one – any

DC S says:

The digestive system does eventually get used to all the fresh juice. As
soon as you poop out all that wonderful left over stuff left over in your
digestive tract. Ha ha… I said poop

clarence spencer says:

so much waste!!! all that good green leaf went to waste, cause a regular
juicer can never get all the green and goods out of those dry leaves. what
you get by using a juicer like that is the juice out of the few stems. such
a waste. INSTEAD, juice the leaves by wrapping them around moist
veggies–you know, like stalks of celery or chunks of cucumbers when
pressing them into the juicer. the liquids from the celery or cucumbers
washes out the good green stuff from those dry leaves. try it.

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