Juicers – Hurom Slow Juicer vs. Breville Centrifugal Juicer – Juicing demo

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Whitney Paige, RHN and Kaitlin Stephens, RHN compare the Hurom Slow Masticating juicer and Breville Centrifugal Juicer. Watch the video to find out the surprising results!

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Ota Cat says:

I’ve upgraded from a Breville juice fountain to a hurom slow juicer and I’m
pretty happy with my decision even if it costed me a bit 🙂 Here were my
ups and downs.
– The juicer is much more quiet and so I can juice early in the morning now
before work
– Juice tastes much better. Especially cabbage juice which I used to hate
and mixed with everything else to lessen the taste.
– It does take a tiny bit longer for this to finish juicing and clean up is
a bit longer, but it doesn’t make much of a difference
– It’s quite heavier than the Breville juicer

Say AlyssaCee says:

Thanks so much for this video!

John Porto says:

THANK YOU for doing this informative visual comparison, ladies! Very

Litmuz says:

Excellent review! Bought the Hurom for $199.

Randy Cain says:

I have a Breville and really never have a problem with greens at all. The
thing is a beast, and I’m done juicing in about a minute. People always
want to point out the noise, but it’s a non-issue for me. Food processors,
Vitamixers, etc are just as loud. Having a wide feed-chute like the
Breville along with a simple/fast clean-up is super important for me. I’ve
had juicers in the past with a higher fiddle factor than the Breville, and
I found that I frequently avoided using it just because of the time
consumption involved. And that meant that I totally lost out on all health

Juan Rivera says:

LOL I have the variable speed juicer from breville. Its noise is not that
bad and its fast so the noise does not last long. You get fast juice and
plenty of it. i am about speed and nutrition and if I get enough nutrition
daily and centrifugal is the way to go for me. I just juice mainly fruits,
cucumbers and celery. In combination with the juicer I use the breville
hemisphere. I don’t juice my greens anymore I make smoothies out of them
and use the juice from the fruit that I juiced in the juicer, That is how
I capture all the nutrition from the veggies. Nah I will stick with the
centrifugal it does what I need it to do and I love smoothies. You know if
I didn’t know any better I think you were making the breville look as if
its slow, lol you moved pretty slow adding ingredients to the breville you
just seemed to pause and look at the veggies rather that just keeping it
moving. We already know that a masticating juicer is slower than a
centrifugal juicer, hence the masticating juicers better quality and they
operate differently so no need to try and make the centrifugal look slow it
is designed for speed and quality.

DakotaJanes says:

Centrifugal juicers destroy enzymes literally shredding nutrients to pieces
… Masticating juicers use the same ancient technique of squeezing and
pressing. Two completely different animals. 

kothija says:

what is the model number and name of the Hurom please?

Shirley Brown says:

Greens juice better in the Breville if you add some fruits to it at the
same time instead of just adding the Kale alone. This way it doesn’t stay
stuck like you said. This happens with MANY juicers. It is recommended not
to put them alone for this reason.

Mechas Mccrary says:

Juice the kale in between 2 apples at a slow speed on the Breville. It
works better that by itself. Breville is great because you don’t have to
cut apples and veggies.

Fortyfoteen says:

Exact kind of demo I wanted to see. Thanks.

WalleyeCliff says:

sounds good !!!! I “upgraded” lol to a mulinex press ,, it makes nice
juice but it gets clogged ridiculously .. are these huroms or omegas better
as far as the clogging goes ?? 

Vegan What Now says:

So helpful! thank you

Lensflare Deviant says:

I do love ‘it’s a little more expensive”.. say at 2.5 to 3x the cost.. I
will stick with my Breville thanks. Besides, if you KNOW what you’re doing
you can do the leafy greens MUCH better than this lady did. I have had
zero issues. But you do have to do them right, just pushing them through
is a waste, she should have done her homework better. Out the leafy stuff
in, then push it through with other foods.

Jason Cooke says:

I looked all over the net for “The Breville” and “The Hurom” models –
PLEASE. Absolute basic! …and relax.


While the quality of the juice is very important, it is equally important
to show how to clean the machine. It would have been helpful to show that. 

Inara Jade says:

I purchased my first juicer (Breville juice fountain pro) back in January,
started my juice fast, did 2 weeks, found making large batches sucked,
could not go anywhere with out bringing my juicer with me due to the fact
the juice would oxidize quickly and it did not taste quite as good as it
did right after making it. I always found lots of foam, lots of waist from
the pulp, I did my research and am purchasing my Hurom in a few days. I
just want to know which hurom I should go for and what the Difference
between the Hur0030 slow press juice & smoothie maker and the Newest Elite
is. As for me the price point is only 30 dollars different. Any help would
be appreciated, and I am very excited to play with my new juicer.

gee sea says:

the sound is bad 

roverhugger says:

Just about to (upgrade) buy a juicer. Very helpful thank you.

Princess BLARITY says:

Beautiful bright apples!
wonder if theyre organic c:

Mack M. says:

This video is a bit fail, the girl with the centrifugal juicer juices the
kale the wrong way and she gets no juice out if it. She should have packed
it in the feeding tube between some of the other ingredients and then
juiced it all at once.
That’s why the other one is so green in comparison.

Julia Andersson says:

Wow, it was so obvious that the slow juicer got way more juice out of the
leafy greens just from the color of the juices.

samurai1833 says:

I think your girl on the right was slow rolling the juicing process a
little bit.

Nat Kay says:

We only live once!! I’ve just ordered Hurom500. 12 years warranty motor and
5 years warranty parts. Can’t wait to use it. ^_^

Stacey Harrison says:

Really surprised you didn’t show the clean up!!! Sorry girls, wasn’t
helpful because ease of clean up is a big part of the decision to buy a

Kayte Lawson says:

If you wrap the greens around the celery it will go through the Breville
much better and I like to do greens earlier in juicing so the other juices
push out the green juice. Good job 

idado72 says:

Very nice review. I wanna know how do I clean this stuff…. Maybe by hands
or washing machine? 

Aaron Mane says:

you throw your pulp away wow ever heard or using that fibre freeze it & add
to soups or stews I’ve added them to muffins waste not want not 🙂 and if
you put a teatowel under your breville it is just as quiet as the hurom &
lastly if the woman using the breville saved 1 of the apples for after
processing the kale then she too would have had a nice green drink & not
have all the kale still in the feeder shoot

Satine0 says:

Thank you this was a great video, helpful!
What was the thing you used to drain your juice and where did you buy it?

chip mchugh says:

thanx for helping me to make up my mind. without this video I was prepared
to buy a centrifugal juicer. the noise levels alone would have me homeless
within days so i’ll be spending more money up front & buying a masticating

it became evident immediately upon seeing the difference in color of the
juices that the slow juicer squeezes the juice from leafy greens and the
slower oxidation process allows me to juice and store a day or 2 at a time
getting the most benefits by far.

right on! thanx.

Rayann Esquibel says:

You should also add with a high speed juicer the enzymes only last 15
minutes were in a low speed juicer they last for 3 days. 

Claire Stuckey says:

This is really helpful and informative, I have a kung-fu juicer that just
kicked the bucket. I want to make sure I get a better one next, so will be
moving toward an Omega or a Hurom. Thank you so much for taking the time
to do a side-by-side comparison video. :)

Xenatia says:

Thanks for the video. I found it really helpful. For me, I don’t care how
long it takes to clean and care more about the quality of the juice, so
this video was very useful. Ta again.

Linda Harrison says:

Why speed up when showing how to put it together, some may want to see this
slowly. #fail 

3gojane says:

Thank you. Super helpful.

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