Jake and Amir: Master Cleanse

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Amir tries to get healthy — and fasts. See more at http://www.collegehumor.com/originals or check us out on the go at our mobile site.


Samera Amery says:

I have watched so many Jake and Amir episodes by now that I’ve started
saying “Yiss” without thought. Help me…

Not Leonard Nimoy says:

I would watch Jake and Quincy

bluejayjunior says:


Jesse Pinkman says:

Did he fart at 1:52?

Sam M says:

Damn this video is over 5 years old

Luke Pettis says:

For masters, by masters, four masters

A SpaceFox says:

Why is dramatic prairie dog framed in the backround?

PsychoDuck98Productions says:


GamerBoyFin says:

1:52 someone drops a book o.O

Hassan Elahi says:

1:55 if you were wondering when he says ‘im starving’

Irving Hanan says:

Are you referring to Jake and Amir? If so, please leave Youtube.

Mackatosh says:

My straight what?

ellie bland says:

@twinkyhoho not 97% it’s 100%

SlyRacoon9 says:

n-n-n-n-nn-n-n-no. 2 weeks.

kozmy21 says:

Second best Jake and Amir. First is Explanation.

pennydesouza says:

@goddog47 why?

RememberPele says:

imma do all the hate comments i want bitch. quit spamming actual funny
channels like collegehuor. your videos suck ass.

tidalwave2k11 says:

i think you mean dummy-ass

Simonhakken says:

four masters 😛

BelzProductions says:

what you said, makes barely any sense

Ravi s says:

lets see how many likes/thumbs up i get to show that goddog47 is a
worthless peice of sh1t..every thumbs up equals no 1 givin a sh1t about

Thoughtsfromacrazyperson says:

@defg0 i think its closer to 95 percent, 75 seems kinda low.

D34N6232 says:

still cant believe Amir was in Harold & Kumar 3

penof1337 says:

That’s too bad. I have noticed some people have a weird obsession with
getting top comment. I guess it’s a craving for social acceptance. Well I’m
gunna go watch airplane since it’s down there 😀

Geographic PvPer says:

1:58 Amir’s eating my favirote Snack! Dipsey Doodles!!!1

Rollersteaam says:

@goddog47 God fuck yourself you prick. I hope you burn in hell.

meruldeworld543 says:

1:57 i kept clicking for like 2 mins

Lenwelocked says:

2 days later *Amir dies of thirst*

Stephan B says:

This has to be one of the best series on youtube, they should make it into
a television show already!

Nathpeggsy says:

no likes, suggesting you didnt like your own status

LinkinPhoenix007 says:

that’s not how a double negative works – you’re just basically saying don’t
stop; a double negative would be DON’T DON’T STOP, which would mean to

Mikal Bertelsen says:

Like if your boyfriend is Straight* finish your sentence dumbass.

KennethKeyt says:

i am losing way to much sleep for this

DrFigglePlums says:

Wow, Amir’s sweater is awesome!

Omar El-Habassi says:

what if you’ve been watching Jake and Amir for two hours and then you see
this comment?

Caide Harvey says:

I did

UltimateGreaterGood says:


hubertsng says:

Isn’t the master cleanse bad? Shouldn’t you eat some to keep your
metabolism up or something.

Tara Silva says:

“Jay Witz” hahaha!!!

Krispjon says:

Thanks for letting me know man 🙂 I would never have guessed

nicole kyriakopoulos says:

DIPPED in milk

Rose Grant says:

Shoot, wrong video… I meant to watch Jake and Quincy.

AuggieJames says:

dammit i thought the title said “master cheese”

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