How To Go Paleo – Ultra Spiritual Life episode 54

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How To Go Paleo – Ultra Spiritual Life episode 54
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The Paleo Diet is the most advanced diet because it’s the least advanced diet. Because that makes, here’s how you can go Paleo…

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Seven Wheels (Instrumental) by MC Yogi


Sven Heyll says:

The book is really great

dzjaag says:

Clicked 'like' simply for the "do you do crossfit?" question. Sums it all up perfectly.

Douglas McNeil says:

Mmmmm, Meat Good.

emma Woods says:

This dude is vegan right? Or? He's so sarcastic I can't tell when he is truthful 😄

Meat Mister says:

As I'm the only one to like my own comment, I conclude that no-one else is smart enough to also click this button. I kinda feel like the lonely ultra-alpha-male-lion. Sitting on his ass all day as the rest of the tribe goes hunting for lettuce. I mean, in my delusional world of meat-complex (not messiahcomplex), it beats the living flesh out of being first to comment on your own channel. My advice for you to be more of a ultra-alpha-paleo-lion is to deliver raw meats to your house. And go for global mail, as that way your raw meat will have 'fermented' 7 weeks before it arrives at your doorstep. That way you will also gain enormous spiritual evolution and radiate with dominant alphapresence

Joanna Ross says:

You are the funniest guy… ever.

The Zen Gamer says:

I did not know what Paleo was, now I do. I am enlightened. Thank you.

Mike Litoris says:

Paleo is the way to the future

Bling Bling says:

Go Paleo! Forget your language, government, religion, history and pretty much society and become one with the animals😃

Seth Schaefer says:

how the hell does JP not have 1mil+ subs!? JP is love

Skyler Dumas says:

Please make a video that makes fun of modern art. Modern art is crap.

Marcus Riedner says:

Do you Crossfit? DO YOU?!!!!

Adam Vanderpluym says:

Somehow can't imagine neanderthals ordering pizza.

Gerrit Harteveld says:

Paleo is so 2010, I'm into proto-diet now.
Absorbing food through the cell membranes of my skin.
They knew what they were doing.

Leslie Moise says:


punkybrewstar83 says:

We do have an over-population of human animals on this planet. Cavemen used to die on average around thirty which was far better for the environment and lower obesity rates….. but then followers of the Paleo cult dispute this as well. Because….. bacon 🙂

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