How My Eyes Changed Color Eating FullyRaw

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Did you know that my eyes changed color when I started eating a raw foods diet? Not only did living foods change my health, but also the way that I look to the outside world! Eating vibrant foods allowed me to shine from the inside out!

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youngflyjuly says:

Oh so going raw will change my eye color great next time I have sex it will
definitely be raw sex

silvermoonandcats says:

Although, Kristina’s eyes are very beautiful, she fails to mention her
mother has blue/bluish eyes. (She is in a couple of Kristina’s videos so
you can check for yourself) So, by healing from illness and eating a very
clean diet and overall healthy lifestyle, her eyes naturally lightened.
This could also be from the glutathione from the large amounts of raw
fruits and vegetables she consumes which can lighten eyes and skin. So,
yes, it is a wonderful transformation to health but it mainly just comes
down to genes and a very healthy, clean diet, not necessarily because it
was all raw vegan. I’m sure many clean diets that include mostly whole
foods with a good amount of fresh fruits and vegetables with no processed
junk, may make your eyes brighter or even change colour to some extent.

LittleMissForty says:

So many ridiculous comments about brown eyes. The reality is true brown
eyes will remain brown but will get clearer with detoxification. Many
naturally blue/green eyes can turn hazel and brown with sulphur deposits
general ill health and medications. She obviously genetically should
have blue/green light hazel eyes but with her early ill health problems
they showed as brown due to toxicity. She is not saying true brown eyes
are toxic. I recommend you watch Robert Morse’s iridology video….he
shows lots of blue eyes…that actually show as hazel/brown!

Sidra Sajid says:

Your eyes changing color didn’t have anything to do with your change in
diet. It is most likely linked to genetics. 

Bardh Limani says:

what kind of bullshit is this? eye color cannot change unless there is
direct trauma to the iris or unless yo have some sort of disease.. it has
nothing to do with what you eat hahahaha.. 

aodet giorgees says:

Dark brown eyes are much healthier than blue/green or any light coloured
eyes caz they act as a filter/sunglasses to ur vision thats y u have
lighter eyes when ur a new baby born and a blurry vision for like the first
month or so (there might be other reasons) but dark eyes are defiantly


i thought it depended on how much melanin your eyes make starting with the
DNA and chromosomes.

Tarrynn Ashley says:

So why then, if I was born with blue eyes, and I’ve been raised eating
nothing but junk, have my eyes not turned brown? This is such bullshit.

Ronald Seawell says:

I hope that her butt is raw, because I would surely make a buffet out of

DailyScoopofIceCream says:

Doesnt that mean that you are losing melanin in your eyes? Wtf. 

Kimberly Thermond says:

Black people. Yeah I said it. Black people. I feel this is necessary to
say. I can just see some of you watching this and thinking “Well I’m going
to start eating raw and change the color of my eyes.” We have such
collective low self esteem because our genetic ethnic features do not
conform to the popular European American standard of beauty. We often feel
pressure to conform to that standard because we are made to feel that we
are not beautiful people. Everyone wants to be considered beautiful and
desirable. We have a complex about it. But eating raw will probably not
work for you to change your brown eyes to blue, hazel or green unless you
have the genetics for blue, hazel or green eyes and you probably don’t. It
just normally isn’t in our genetic blueprint. I have one friend who is
Greek who is raw vegan. She has big beautiful brown eyes. They have not
changed. I have another friend who is a light skinned African American. I
specify light skinned because she obviously has a large percentage of
European genetics and would be a more likely candidate to have the genetics
for other than brown eyes like most African Americans. She also is raw
vegan and her eyes have remained brown. Although eating raw vegan is
healthy and safer than a diet heavy with fat, red meat and dairy. you
should do it for your health and nor to try and change your eye color.
Brown does not equal dirty or unhealthy. Brown is beautiful. 

Shantell81CRNA says:

So are you saying since I have dark brown eyes I’m sick or I have a poor
diet or I’m not healthy I think you should clarify that a little better
because that’s what people are going to take from the video thinking oh my
eyes are dark dark brown cocoa brown or whatever you described in the
beginning I must be sick or I must be hypoglycemic or something like that
because clear bright blue green hazel eyes or whatever you said is healthy
eyes because you can see clearly through to your soul or something like
that you were saying I think you need to clarify that a little more because
it’s kind of confusing and kind of insulting to people that have dark eyes

Molly Jenga says:

This change is a sign of you LOSING nutrient density in your liver.

Myka Ashley says:

my dads eyes look exactly like hers but he eats meat every single day… he
was born with dark brown eyes. i tried to convince him to go a day without
eating meat but he couldn’t do it lol

Michael Calve says:

If you look into your eyes and you’re in the right mode of receptivity,
meaning you’re open to what’s beyond the physical, you will see yourself
for who you really are. I tend to project onto others so I omit the true
atma, the unique soul who’s eyes I am looking into – BUT, if the time is
right and I really connect with a person, there eyes may appear be or green
when they are physically brown. Note to self: do more eye gazing!

Thamara RM says:

WOW! Now I’m even more excited to try a raw diet; I have “medium” brown
eyes with little green stripes when you look closely (my dad has green
eyes, my mom brown)
Oh, I found your channel today and I’m absolutely loving!

Sorry about my english.

Caramia G says:


Juli Cocomazzi says:

Another reason why her eyes changed blue is because all people with brown
eyes have a layer of blue under them. You can get laser surgery to remove
the top brown layer which reveals the blue one. She didn’t need a laser,
she just cleansed her body which i guess cleared her iris

Stacy Flores says:

your beauty is so radiant your soul is beautiful love you so much!! :-)

Billy Noel says:

She should really think about changing the colour of those teeth.

TheHanooooda says:

or Maybe you did a laser surgery to change your eyes color

simeone says:

wrong the small intestine is 30 ft not the colon
eye colours are purely linked to genetics, it is a pigment expression
brown eyes are not “dirty”

goodhot1234 says:

So I guess a newborn baby has toxic in their body !!

Rosebud Art Studio says:

my eyes corrected themselves i used to have a crooked eye on the right but
now i no longer need glasses. my eyes are getting blue as well.

Martha Garcia says:

I ate a carrot one day then went on ebay and bought a pair of contacts,
life changing things happened. I ate raw and now my eyes have contacts….

Holly P. says:

This woman is such a lie

Zoe Madelynn says:

When I was born actually my eyes turned blue, and then my eyes turned green
then brown when I was born was is this supposed to mean?

Elizabeth Díaz Venegas says:

Me and my siblings and everyone in my family were born with brown eyes, so
how do you explain that? We were born “dirty”? This is ridiculous and kind
of racist, contributes to the idea that light eyes are more “desirable”.

Maccarena Gonzalez says:

You are saying that people who have dark eyes are toxic and lighter eyes
are healthy? Do yo understand what you said? You also said that going raw
made you beautiful…. 

MsFloMotion says:

I love your videos Christina and your eyes are beautiful. But in this video
you’re basically saying that brown eyes are ‘unclean’ and they prove you’re
‘unhealthy’. I would’ve expected to see some scientific evidence for these
‘facts’ you’re giving us.

Takawi Peters says:

+silvermoonandcats makes some good points. i bet the results are unlikely
and rare especially because eating “fully” raw is hard (e.g. working your
way through college while raising a child single handedly). as for new born
baby argument, logically you are what you eat, and unless your mother is
fully raw than naturally… That’s my two cents.

Kira Passmore says:

The only thing this video helped me with is hating my brown eyes even more

Appel Taart says:

I have been eating 2 raw smoothies a day for 3 months now. My eyes changed
from dark green blue into light green blue. Before you saw 1 color (green
blueish) . Now i can see bright green pieces in my eyes. I think the green
is dissapearing. My eyes are also brighter

peronvey says:

ive been a vegetarian because of my upbringing and i feel so much healthier
after starting eating meat

Gustavo leon says:


Paradox Soul says:

More like FullyDelusionalKristina…

The most obese and unhealthy person I know has the most clear-blue eyes
I’ve ever seen.

Nuff said. 

Jshs says:

so, people with blue eyes dont eat the same as people with brown eyes?

Jessica Sinclair says:

I was born with charcoal grey eyes & now they are a light blue/light grey
especially when I’m in the sunshine. I get comments on regular basis on how
beautiful they are & knowing that this has affected a good girlfriend of
mine as well, I’m blown away! This is so fascinating…

sophia yay says:

Does it mean that all asians are unhealthy then?

LisaPie says:

The fact that people don’t believe this just shows how confused people are
about how food effects your body. Oh well for them.

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