How I lost 10 pounds in 10 days : Master Cleanse

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Recipe (all organic, no preservatives)
2 tablespoons freshly squeezed lemon juice.
2 tablespoons of maple syrup (Grade B preferably)
1/10 teaspoon cayenne pepper
8 oz. of water (not tap water)

6-12 glasses throughout the day

Yogi Get Regular Soothing Mint
(or Salt water flush see:

Missy’s youtube:
@missyboo (I think her master cleanse video is down)

my Instagram: Rositaapplebum

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Hope Franks says:

You people don’t listen. She said a million times that this was a CLEANSE
not a diet or a way to lose weight. When you CLEANSE you are going to lose
weight, whether it is water weight or waste weight. Weight is fucking
weight. YES your body cleanses itself naturally, but sometimes it needs a
little boost. No its not starving yourself when you’re still getting your
daily calories, just not by stuffing your face with McDonalds. Educate
yourselves before you say anything. She didn’t say how TO lose 10 pounds in
10 days……she said how SHE lost 10 pounds in 10 days. Idiots.

Elizabeth Lizzy says:

So basically you starve yourself for 10 days only drinking water. Well
technically flavoured water. It is a cleanse. SO what happens after the 10
days finish. Won’t you be like hungry afterwards. And just drinking liquid.
People you need to eat to build your metabolism. No eating your metabolism
slows down and it is harder on you.

N Birko says:

This is not a very healthy way to lose weight. You will end up losing a lot
of muscle (which helps you to burn calories) because of lack of food. Of
course if you go 10 days with barely eating, you’ll lose weight.
If you want to lose weight, do it the old fashion way. Eat healthy, don’t
over eat, and exercise 30-60 minutes a day. That way, you can maintain your
muscles so that you don’t slow down your metabolism.
I started my diet and exercise regime 6 days ago and already lost 5 pounds
(which the first 5-10 pounds are usually water weight.) I did it by working
out 40 minutes every morning and eating healthy. No pills, shakes, diets,
or gimmicks. That’s all you need.
I also drink water, lemon water, and green tea everyday to help speed the
weight loss process.
Don’t starve yourself people. You’ll lose the important part of your
weight. Read this WedMD article for better clarification.

FaithWorks says:

I believe in cleanses. But there is something INCREDIBLY POWERFUL, TOTALLY
FREE and EASY – and that is the power of God by being born again & filled
with the Holy Spirit. With that comes power over sickness. I have used it
to healed myself and numbers of other people (even animals) hundreds of
times. That is the job of the Holy Spirit. You can get information on this
at my YouTube channel and anyone having questions may write me at
b_runyan77 @ cox . net …..But I will not reply to atheists who want to

Alpha Ace says:

She’s a fucking liar if she claims to have lost 10 lbs of fat in 10 days
simply with this cleanse. Maybe water weight, but what’s the use of that
‘coz you’re gonna put it back on as soon as you’re off the “cleanse”.
Loosing a pound of fat a day is so hard she has no idea.

KawaiiDelightz says:

Do you really have to keep buying bottled water? Can’t you just use tap
water and kill the bacteria by boiling the water?

Michael Ceorgoveanu says:

Apparently people either didn’t watch the whole video or they just don’t
care. This isn’t used to lose weight. It’s used to clean out the trash in
your system and start over new. Get rid of the hamburgers and pizza from
last year with this cleanse and then start eating fruits and vegetables,
organic foods. If it can go bad, it’s good for you.

This isn’t to cleanse and then eat that garbage all over again. This is a
new start to a new vision of yourself and your body. I’m starting it
tomorrow and my friend has been doing this for years. He goes for like 20
days, I don’t know how he does it. He’s heathy, fit and full of energy. It
works for some and may not work for others. The key is to use NOTHING but
ORGANIC ingredients for this cleanse or it will not work effectively.

When commercials come on, change the channel because they promote food
commercials a lot. Don’t let it beat you! Good luck everyone! Thanks for
the video

Veronika IsAmazing says:

I caught my sister doing this- she wasn’t eating for 3 days. She would lie
and say she are before or she’d eat later.
I saw a ton of empty water bottles in the recycling can and checked her
room. I talked with her and
She kept saying “it’s my choice” “everyone is doing it” “I saw it on
YouTube.” “Everyone looses weight with cleanse.”
I was horrified that my little 12 year old sister was so insecure- she
isn’t overweight, she just complained of not having a perfectly flat
stomach. It makes me really disappointed that she is starving herself- I
made her stop and I am working out with her and watching her actually EAT
so she doesn’t starve herself. She is losing the belly fat and I’ve lose
around 5 lbs. we are working out and losing very slowly: slow and steady
wins the race. 

Jenn's Tipping2: Jennifer Sanchez says:

Hi Rosita, hats off to you, you’re committed!! I tried doing this cleanse
and I gave up at the end of the first day, I know bad, but I too am a
foodie! I do a cleanse that I pick mrs greens and it helps me loose about
10 lbs Bc it comes with probiotics and fiber, I love it. Probiotics help to
loose weight as well as long as you take them regularly. You look great I
am glad it worked for you. I just subscribed to your channel laSt week and
I’m enjoying your videos very much, you put out great content. 

ElGringo says:

This sounds so healthy, its literally unbelievable! Everyone should just
not eat, drink lemons, and chug down syrup and pepper powder! This is
everyones perfect, EASY solution to real, permanent weight loss! This is
just for skinny people to feel like they are getting skinnier, and in fact,
will make them fatter in the long run… stupid

Michael Dejesus says:

This girl is so hot and beautiful

Sonia Mishra says:

I’m going to try this with mother’s milk tea instead and plan to eat small
portions mainly fruits n veggies no breads, rice or pastas ’til I reach my
goal or get close to it. Once I get close I may slowly incorporate breads..

Sandra Harris says:

I want to try Colon Cleanse capsules but where can I find a reliable brand
that works?

Ekusotias says:

Stupid cunt, it’s IMPOSSIBLE to lose 10 pounds in 10 days. Even if you
starve the shit out yourself you will not lose 10 pounds in 10 days.
Doesn’t matter though, you’re making money. No problem

Walid CHEIKH says:

Master cleanse!!! book!!!??? Capital “B” & Capital “S”.
If u wanna lose 1 lbs/day, u should cut 3500 cal/day. And based on yr
appearance, u cant cut that much, cuz yr BMR was certainly under 3500
cal/day (Unless u were like a cow or hippo).
stop lying to people, cuz my BowlShitometer is pointing to “extreeeeeme

Learn some Math instead of sitting infront of mirror all day long.

Morgan Freeman says:

For everyone saying that this is starving yourself, let me just tell you
straight up that you guys are fucking…..correct.
Listen instead of ONLY having that, how about you have some fruits and
vegetables with some yoga and that will be a lot better. Please, for god
sake, don’t just drink a crappy lemonade for 10 days. “I lost 10 pounds by
not eating.” Well no shit you’re gonna lose something is you can’t gain

Sasha Cat says:

I’m like a stick idk why I’m watching this lol 

Stephanie Bryant says:

I have been reading on blogs that people are using Garcinia Cambogia for
weight loss. Has anyone lost weight by taking the Garcinia Cambogia

Cheyenne Morgan says:

@iona maxine she’s not swaying people to starve themselves she’s swaying
them to cleanse the toxins out of there system! Maybe you should of acculy

tamara brockington says:

She stated several times that this wAs not a diet, and this will not kill
you, I’ve fasted for 17 years at the beginning of each year with my church
and we would fast for 7 days, the first 3 days only water & the last 4
days drinking water and 100% juices. The ones who were on medications can
eat soup when they take their medications and continue on the fast and no
one has ever died or gotten sick. This is to help cleanse your body and to
give you more of a spiritual awakening when it comes to eating foods that
are better for your overall health.

Jedaqia Angel says:

In SE Asia, its kinda hard & expensive to get maple syrup. Alternative?

Amaren Mendoza says:

When u don’t eat ur body produces more fat so u don’t starve to death

Pinky Panda says:

I did this and completed the 10 days. I will NEVER do it again. You lose
weight because yes, you fast, but you also spend 90% of your time in the
bathroom because you down that disgusting warm salt water flush ( good luck
not vomitting it right after) and the laxative tea you drink at night . Oh
and the painful intestinal cramps from the laxative tea because your
stomach is empty from not eating. Plus if you are prone to candida? No
Bueno. The maple syrup will make your candida worse. And the whole time, I
was obsessed with watching the food channel (like porn). I did NOT forget
about food. It was all I could think about when I wasn’t suffering from
painful stomach cramps.

Akilah khaliq says:

so when she starts eating properly again shes going to put all the weight
back on

RachelLilyVideos says:

I’m so excited! This is gonna be amazing

Shyisha Sims says:

this lemonade is actually good itsa appetite supressant

Dallas Waters says:

This “diet” was on Bullshit with Penn and Teller. Wonder why lol.

naomi maldonado says:

Hi rosita I have been watching ur videos for some time now but I never
really commented or liked anything but I love how real and down to earth u
are it makes me sad that you Deleted ur Instagram n are now deleting
YouTube videos hopefully whatever u are going through doesn’t last because
I really enjoyed and looked forward to your posts and videos god bless you

Anisha Billing says:

So you’re Sayin for the whole 10 days you just drink the tea not drinking
anything or eating (just curious)

Piva Simeon says:

can you use honey instead of maple syrup?

stephanie solis says:

Just noticed all of your recent videos are gone. Hopefully you’re doing
okay. Keep your head up and just remember things always get better. I
really hope you keep doing ya thang girl cause your videos give me life!!!
They keep me entertained while waiting for the bus. You’re extremely
talented and will go far. Remember that you have the support of all your
subbies! ❤️

Kiera Robinson says:

You starved yourself for ten days..

Arash Mazand says:

Anyone with a sweet lion gold medallion can make a video these days. Lol 

Barbara Sebastian says:

I workout On a daily basis, 2 hours almost everyday and I did this cleanse
for 2. Yesterday it was leg day and by the end of the day I was about to
faint at work, I don’t recommend it, you lose more muscle than fat, you
don’t burn fat, you oxidate it by the way you eat, if anyone needs a
training plan hit me up. Love your self, accept you self, don’t search for
easy ways to lose weight, it will cost you sweat and days at the gym, but
it’s not impossible 

Samantha Alvarez says:

You go girl you encouraged me to do this after thanksgiving !!!

Sylvie Curits says:

This girl talks waaaay toooo much about her own personal likes and is
waaaay to boring like keep it KISS. = KEEP IT SHORT & Simple! Just get to
showing how to make your fucken concoction already nobody cares about your
work day! Just give the tips the benefits and the recipe on how to make the
shit! And be over it. This girl is boring me like let’s get off her slow
boat already.

Cara Jay Concepcion says:

I’m so sick of people bashing her for doing this and advocating it. If you
actually watch her ENTIRE video you’ll see that she understands that you
don’t keep the weight off and that you shouldn’t do this to lose weight.
It’s a detox and cleanse. She even says in this video, “It’s not weight
watchers.” Yes, her video title is misleading, but she doesn’t support this
as a weight loss. She knows you have to slowly start eating and that you’re
not losing real weight. Everyone whose leaving comments about her being
stupid and encouraging starvation obviously didn’t watch her entire video.
If you aren’t even going to let her give her full opinion don’t bother
leaving a comment. Some people say this is stupid, but she found it helpful
for cleaning her slate to start exercising and being healthy again.
Goodness, stop making assumptions about what she’s talking about when you
don’t even bother to listen to everything she’s saying. I for one, found
this video very helpful on getting the facts on the Master Cleanse. Her
video made it obvious to me that this isn’t something I’d want to do
personally, but I’m glad she found it helpful.

Forces520 says:

She’s hot

MissAlicia 101 says:

Rose what just happened to all of your videos and your new ig????? Is
somebody hacking all your ish? If so that’s f*cked up! Hope everything’s is

Fullah Khan says:

Showing is more better than talking of telling

hanlita says:

140? And you’re 5 feet. Nah sah. You’re overweight!

tania Castro says:

I hope you are okay, now you Twitter is non existent too? It pisses me off
that someone would act with bad intentions. Hoping that you are okay Rose!

Morgan Kerr says:

Awesome your a Leo to, Right on!!

Aegyo Aegyo says:

Is the tea just on the side? or do you mix the tea with the cleansing

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