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All music by a good friend


moppbilltedd says:

gopherhawk – this works fantastic for both moles and gopher. clean, no baits required. Tip – always wash your traps after it's killed one – soak in soapy water and rinse.

Stephen Seman says:

After you catch the varmint, it's time for gopher stew…

Tuna Fish says:

Gopher for dinner tonight huh.

EJP79 says:

I live in TN and we have ground hogs EVERYWHERE! I watched a couple of vids about getting rid of ground hogs, then i saw people with gopher problems. We usually just trap or shoot the ground hogs but i saw people with the culligan man jugs of water. They would turn the water jugs upside down in the gopher hole and the damn things swim right up the jugs. Its the craziest thing, GOOD BRO!

EJP79 says:

dude, take a water jug about half full and turn it upside down in the hole and they will swim right up in the jug!!

D Sawtelle says:

I live in Florida and gophers are a bad problem here my neighbor just drove a metal steak into the ground and every so often you hear him tap and banging on those metal stakes apparently the gophers do not like the vibration or the noise and they move their house to the neighbor across the street so now we have the clanging metal steak neighbors driving the gophers from one side of the road to the other just a thought

Juanita Haley says:

Ironic, I have a Jeep Wrangler, Juicer, wind chimes I made, a garden and (had) a darn gopher eat'n on my peppers. My advice on gopher…a well trained Shepherd! My Briard (French Shepherd) ate Mr. Gopher and is vigilantly watching for another!! 👩🏻‍🌾🐺

lisa Madinger says:

its a hummingbird moth

Daddy O says:

dang greasy grimy gofers…..get'm. Looking forward to the finished product on the wind chime.
Having a great day!

Matthew Johnson says:

Keep up the good work but you didn't finish the wind chime for us.

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