Feeding dogs on a raw food diet

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Since November 1st is National Cook for Your Pets Day, and feeding your pets cooked food is both unnatural and unhealthy, I am sharing the raw food diet we feed our dogs. I encourage everyone to incorporate raw food, even if as a supplement to a processed (bagged, canned) food diet. Your pet will be happier, healthier and live longer.


Szilvia Hargitai says:

Green beans from a can – how raw is that? Already processed.
How would a dog find butter in the wild?
Do you know where butter comes from?
How could you say butter is the same fat as the fat on chicken?

Lachi Moma says:

If you want to keep your dog safe and healthy, you must know how to choose
the best dog food to match your dog’s needs.

Sharon C. Payne says:

88% puppy owners poisoning her dog slowly every day? You might be one?

Giovanni Moncada says:

Is Taste of the Wild dog food or is this Raw diet more beneficial for the
canine? I have a 10 month old Doberman. The big tall muscular breed not the
small pinscher . Sorry for going off topic , I just want my boy to grow as
muscular and healthy as possible. Money is not a factor. Thank you

Marley The Yorkie says:

Help! I have a 2 year old yorkie who i recently changed to natures menu
(raw food dog brand in uk) raw frozen nuggets. He used to eat kibble with
half a cooked chicken fillet mixed with it as he diddnt like it very much.
He dosent eat his raw nuggets! Only sometimes or with loads of
encouragement or adding some treats to it! It makes me sad to see him not
eating and especially with such a high quality food! On the days he dosent
eat it i dont give hime any treats to the next day! I changed him over
slowly and he are it ok..ish then! Mabey i should try add butter to his
food!? Any tips? Go check out natures menu’s website! 

Scotty d'Angelo says:

Just a quick note to anyone considering raw feeding. Raw feeding is not
WITHOUT risks. I fed raw chicken quarters for two years to my dogs. One
suffered a broken premolar (which eventually came loose and healed over)
and we’ve been religiously checking their teeth ever since. Flash forward
one year later (today) we discovered a cracked main molar (slab fracture)
on our other dog. Just a quick heads up. Not sure how prevalent it is but
nowhere did any of the raw feeding sites tell me about the risks… 🙁 I
sought advice on their forums only to have my posts deleted for suggesting
the cause for the cracked molars were due to raw feeding. It’s my hope
that people at least recognize these risks and proceed with caution. (ps
both my dogs have very strong jaws and teeth and I truly never expected
this to happen, especially when they both make quick work of their meals
just as these dogs are doing in this video).

,Zahid Khan says:

Dogs don’t need vegetables! Raw meat and bones with organ meat at least
twice a week is fine. But mix it up dont always give them chicken. Beef,
lamb, fish, tripe, beef lungs, beef brisket, sheep ribs… All are
excellent. But don’t give them too much organ meat. 

Chris Rosario says:

Great vid raw is the only way to go!

BTOIP says:

Great video and food, I’ll never feed kibble to a dog never ever again!

MagmaSedusa says:

I have heard that their skin/fur actualy smells better if they only eat raw
food. Is this true? 

JPSovereignStrikes says:

That makes sense. I plan on feeding raw and I’m just trying to get as much
info as possible. Is there a website that can teach me BARF? BTW, will you
make anymore eating videos and barf prep stuff? I love those type of

David Chong says:

can i use regular butter for humans? or did you just say that you got the
butter from petco?

JPSovereignStrikes says:

Can one feed their dog human grade meat from a store without freezing it
for days? I read that raw meat must be frozen to limit parasites. 

davedaddy101 says:

Great video. Nice dogs! Question though, if a dog is a carnivore, why do
you need to feed them any vegetables at all? Can you feed a dog 100% meat?
No plant food?

radavis1961 says:

1000 years ago humans were eatin raw food,, lets see how you like now ,,,
dumb ass

Areak Kishor says:

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Sebastian Zola says:

Today is the first day I started the raw diet. My neighbor buys the chicken
that is chopped up by the butcher. I did mix it with their own Costco brand
pellets so as not to upset their tummies, but my neighbor said that it is
best to start them off with only the raw chicken meat and vegetables. I do
get my vegies from the left overs my birds do not eat and chop them up with
some apple bits included. I read somewhere that carnivores get their vegies
from eating the wild animals that subsist on a vegan diet.
I am still nervous about the raw diet but that’s my DNA. Thanks to everyone
here for letting me know that I’m doing what’s right for my 2 girls

issy dog crazy says:

my dog cant have raw meats I’ve tried him on it starting off with a half a
tea spoon and slowing increasing it he was sick all the time he has a very
sensitive stomach so I cant do the raw diet unless you have any tips. I
have had him since he was 16 weeks he is a rescue dog

maris worldraves says:

Before I start my one year old dog (on this diet) how do veterinarians test
for the immune problem in dogs in case my dog can’t handle eating raw food
can I start him on a diet of raw food after 1 year of age eating hard dry
good . What are the indications of a dog with intestinal problems do they
get sick immediately and does their feces change immediately . And how soon
can I start a puppy eating a raw food diet. And wht other raw meat can I
feed the dogs example can I feed them beef , pork, wild boar,turkey,
lamb,sheep( I live in Texas in the country .& these are easier to get than
chickens. (Wild boar – is very plentiful year round and no permit required
to hunt these.) 

Mohidul Hassan says:

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Jeremiah Hammer says:

Great question. For the video, I wanted to demonstrate the most cost
effective raw diet possible. You don’t need butter if you’re using salmon &
coconut oil. Avocado is a great treat too!

6biscuit says:

Great informative video dude. Thank you very much. Everybody else blabssss
about raw food and how better it is but nobody accually demonstrated how to
do it and what kind of meat…Anyway I think Angel (my blue pitt) will be
happy with her new diet (whole chicken) instead of gizzards and liver..

David Chong says:

my dogs are doing great on raw diets. it helped my dogs symptoms of
allergies signifcantly. he had a bad case of reverse sneezing and the
doctor said it was because of allergies and i thought to myself that my dog
had to live with this for the rest of his life. However as soon as i
changed to hhim raw diets his symptoms decreased. (i didnt know a raw diet
would actually help his symptoms) and his tempermnt changed significantly!

megsavs says:

To the person that says raw feeding is bad because dogs are domesticated.
Even though dogs have been domesticated for a couple thousand years, they
have only been eating kibble for the past 100 years. That is not nearly
enough time for their physiology to change to adapt to kibble. Their gi
tract and bodies are still hard wired to eat raw meat.

Vcafr0 says:

How much of those whole chickens do you buy since you used up a whole
chicken in one day? Do you buy buy every week?

Jeremiah Hammer says:

@ZacharyBrunoMusic I usually feed them in the mornings. Some people like to
be more sporadic in order to mimic a closer to natural eating cycle. I
don’t believe in working that hard. 🙂

Jeremiah Hammer says:

Thank you kindly!

Mechelle Lech says:

I’ve been thinking of swiching my German Shepherd over to the BARF diet, my
question is is the checken you feed organic or does it matter whether its
free of hormones, and is checken the only thing you feed or do you feed
other meats as well? Any info would help! Thanks.

christina maurano says:

I have 85 pound German Shepherd, I’m feeding him dry 3 cups once a day.
When I switched him to raw how often/amount should I feed him? Thank you
for your help.

joeashbubemma says:

Cookie dough? LOL!

Jeremiah Hammer says:

2% of a 27lb dog is a half pound.

joeashbubemma says:

Nice vid, well done.

Jeremiah Hammer says:

@chriswilliams843 Try wiping the area down with white vinegar and water
before you feed and see if that helps, or even use that to clean with in
lieu of the bleach and disinfectant. Some dogs can take longer to adjust
from processed to raw food, however you should be past the loose stools by
now. Adding fiber to their diet (rice, potatoes, pumpkin) may help as well.
If the problem persists, I would suggest talking to your vet, as it may be
something beyond normal observation.

egiogli says:

bossj52 thanks for the response, by I didn’t mean to judge the meaning and
purpose of this video but I really want to refrain people from being
lazy… Anything but commercial dry dog food is bad for our little friends,
do we eat chicken nuggets and junk food every day? I don’t think so, why do
we feed them this junk. But again their food needs care.

Jeremiah Hammer says:

I’d like it thaw in the fridge or in the sink (if you’re monitoring it).

Jeremiah Hammer says:

Great question. It really depends on the dog. For some, that is enough fat,
for dogs with higher metabolism or dry skin, or if you’re showing your dog
extra crude fat is necessary to ensure a slick, shiny coat. In the time
since I shot this video, I discovered Lou Ana coconut oil and prefer to use
that in lieu of butter for adding fat to my dog’s diet.

C DAVIS says:

Pros & Cons of a Raw Diet: Go to Modern Dog Magazine online. Article: Raw

Jeremiah Hammer says:

Yes indeed. Organs are nutrient dense.

cameron9514 says:

And don’t worry dogs can eat raw fish bones, and for their veggies you
probably shouldn’t give them canned veggies just because all the sodium, go
buy some raw green tripe, look it up and do research on it, you will see
why it’s better for them, trust me it’s great and my dogs go psycho over
it! 🙂

Chimi Butts says:

I want to start my dog on a raw food diet. My concern right now is that she
is on antibiotics. Is it safe for her to eat raw meat while on antibiotics?

yoleeisbored says:

most dogs have allergic reactions to grain, garlic and onion powder,
etc.that are usually in kibble, canned dog food.

WebkinzSky says:

my dog eats raw food

Ivan Shestak says:

Hey! I’m Brandon.I did -10 lbs in 30 days.Go to aidadiet.com

thebarbiewithmuscle says:

LOL, we have moved from neck bones to ribs. The rib bones are smaller and
fit better into their mouths:) Thank God my dog is not big. You will not
believe all the wonderful things that have happened to my dogs since
feeding them raw. I just put a video on my channel about it too! Subbies
are very interested. I should send them over to you, since I am a newbie to
this:) Thank you so much for doing these videos. Maybe you can come up with
more details like how much you should feed a dog.

BigBudde & BooBoo says:

Hi I have a question We have a pitt puppy about 6 weeks old. What are the
best Natural things we can give/feed her to prevent her from getting parvo,
also would u recommend crushing up vitamin c to help boost her immune

egiogli says:

the only think I need to mention regarding this video is the vegetable bit,
first of all why he feeds his dog canned vegetables? Mine eat raw
vegetables and fruit and they love it, if you wanna do raw feeding do it
right and avoid canned food, and instead of butter put a spoon of extra
virgin olive oil on their meal…

BigBudde & BooBoo says:

we will never get our dogs vaccinated. i’m sure if your a natural person
you know that it does not help only hurts their immune system. thanks for
the advice she is doing better now. God bless!

DjDano500 says:

if I made bags of food to last threw out the week and it frozen do I let it
untal or pour hot water on it?

megsavs says:

Did you ever include organs? Dogs need the proper ratio if raw feeding-
muscle is 80%, bones and organs both 10%.

Pew Man Fu says:

I also feed my dogs raw, but I am curious about the butter. Is the skin and
fat from the chicken not enough? I also give my dogs a little salmon oil &
coconut oil.

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