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In this video entitled “Juice Over Junk” I document my 6 day juicing fast. Thats right, nothing but drinking fruit and veggie juice for 6 days!

Songs Used:
There’s A Rhythm- Josh Harmony
Reach- Kye Kye
Strong Tower- Josh Harmony
With Me In Paradise- Joshua W. Turner
Slipping Away- Switchfoot
14 Longing- This Is The Giant
Joy To The World- The David Crowder Band


Gianna Marciano says:

What if you have chronic kidney disease and diabetes? You couldn't do this could you?

Johnathan Ling says:

I have admit, I used to be slightly leery of mixing green tea extract and juice. I really enjoy making smoothies and healthy recipes which you could manage along with a blender like these: It ended up delicious! We have finally found a substitute for the sugary cappuccinos I enjoy over tea or coffee. I believe I am going to probably throw in some kale or cucumbers any time to supply some greens as someone suggested below. Definitely an effectively balance drink. I caused it to be precisely as it said using golden delicious apples and my drink was more orange as compared to the pic but absolutely delicious.

rocbola says:

Hey, thanks for sharing your story. Sounds very familiar. I lost about 80 LBS in '12 when i started juicing and riding my bike to work. Keep it up! Oh, and from experience, the best way to start a juice fast is 3-4 days before you actually fast, when you cut out all processed and animal foods, and eat a diet high in fruit, greens and some veggie soup. It makes the first couple of days of the fast a lot more bearable by starting the detox early, and while you still have some fiber running through to pass things out on.

Hail No Hero says:

Remember guys, if you are overweight and full of toxins, you will go through these symptoms. It may feel like you are getting worse, but you are actually getting better by going through that! Headaches, nausea, pains, migraines, fever etc are natural responses to remove those toxins that are being cleansed. Be patient and stick with it! Same thing happens when you drink pure water. Thanks for this awesome video, will help many make the right choice. 🙂

paul winter says:

If your interested in detoxifying, appetite suppressing, or energising we’ve got the juice programme for you. This is your chance to juice your way to a leaner, fitter, & healthier frame. Go to for home delivery, 50% off.

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