Breville: Healthy juicing is Healthy eating/ Pre-recorded yesterday

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Jenny Ruiz says:

love the breville, powerful machine. i usually put a bag to catch the residue. best to use the masticatine, juices taste better

cartoon word says:

I love my breville, juicer it so easy to clean .

hunchovb says:

Very nice video. I have a Breville juicer that I've had for years. I think you will enjoy it. I just bought me an Omega vertical juicer (VSJ843RS). I've used it twice and I like it. I guess the main thing is that I consistently use it. Please show some more juice recipes. Thanks for sharing.

Yvette 8 says:

That's so nice! Thanks for doing these videos.

zac rogan says:

your so beautiful chef moma rosa

Lorry Buehler says:

Thank You 🌿📖🌹

MsSensational Mechele says:

Very nice Juicer Chef. I'm heading over to watch your other videos to see this baby in action. Thank you so much for sharing everything with us that you do.

Sierra Van Rij says:

I used to have that one. I would put a grocery bag in the waste container and it really helped when cleaning up

Timyo praetor says:

I got tired if cleaning my juicer. When you use it, try to catch the juice in a glass container. That plastic pitcher will leech chemicals that are estrogen mimickers and cancel out most of the health benefits.

Msjsw74 says:

I had this one for a while, then researched other juicers. In the process learning that masticating juicers are more beneficial than centrifugal (such as the one you have). After I purchased my Omega, I immediately saw a difference. I got much more juice, pulp was dry and my juices would last on average 3 days in a mason jar.

Lovely Dove says:

Very nice, Mama Rosa I have the same thing for about almost 3 years, you are going to love it!

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