2 Dietitians Try GOOP’S Crazy DETOX DIET For One Day | Gwyneth Paltrow

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In this episode of Abbey’s Kitchen, Abbey’s here with her friend and RD colleague Abby Langer. Abbey and Abby are known for trying out the craziest of diets, and this time they turn to the Queen of Detox, Gwyneth Paltrow. On Gwyneth’s website Goop, they came across a detox that she swears by. To truly judge Gwyneth and her detox diets, Abbey and Abby decided to try out her detox diet to let you guys know whether it’s worth it or not. Abbey and Abby we’re only able to do one day of the diet, and this video will feature the behind the scenes footage of them trying it out!

Abbey and Abby began their day with only lemon water.

Abbey was hopeful because she was feeling good and it was morning.

Their next meal is herbal tea.

Abbey is starving after her workout and is disappointed that she can only have tea.

Both are feeling hungry.

Now it’s time for the actual food part of the detox which is a blueberry almond smoothie. Abby does not like the taste of it. Abbey is excited to drink the smoothie because she’s starving and relieved to finally be able to eat food.

The next snack is coconut water. Abbey is not a fan of coconut water, but is still starving and her body is begging for nourishment. Abbey mentions a lot of this diet is fake smiling.

For lunch, they are having little gem lettuce, which Abby substituted with just plain romaine lettuce because of the high cost of little gem lettuce. This detox is clearly for rich people. The lunch also includes avocado and a carrot ginger dressing. Abbey describes the look of her salad dressing as if a baby ate mac and cheese and then puked all over the salad. Abbey is still starving and eats it.

Both we’re very disappointed with the salad, and both agreed that the diet is basically a starvation diet.

Next, for snack time is a handful of sunflower seeds and pumpkin seeds. Abbey is so hungry that she is going for the largest handful ever to get more seeds. Abbey’s getting really hangry and has turned to desperate measures.

The next meal is a broccoli and arugula soup. Abby states she feels deprived and stupid for even doing the diet.

Abbey calls the soup a warm smoothie since it’s just pureed broccoli, arugula, water and lemon. Abbey describes the taste as a wet fart smoothie. The soup had a very strong odour. They both agreed that a diet like this will mean you will be smelly all the time.

Abbey was also disturbed by the timing of dinner since your last meal is at 6 pm. Looking back at the diet, Abbey and Abby agreed that they didn’t have a clear mind and we’re hangry all the time.

Abbey adds that you can’t make any friends on Goop’s detox.

In conclusion, they both agree that this is not a diet that you should be on. The rest of the diet is just a variation of day one (lots of water, soups and smoothies). Abbey summarizes that you don’t need a detox diet or specialist because your body is a detox specialist.

We hope you enjoyed watching Abbey and Abby torture themselves for one day on Goop’s detox and that it gave you a better understanding of what these diets look like.

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Shawn Eagle says:

LMAO, I love these videos. I always laugh so loud. Gwyneth Paltrow needs to be slapped and Goop needs to be closed.
I can't stand her and this stupidity of her detox and cleanses.
Double thumbs up!

TaintedLove says:

one day! hahah that's what i call a diet! 🙂

Suzy Dorfner says:

Gwyneth Paltrow should know 🙂

Daniela K says:

omg! detox diet!! awesome!

Scattered Showers says:


Vine Ripe Nutrition says:

Thank you for sharing the real deal on this Abbeys!!!

Holley Grainger says:

This is amazing!

Shannon Garcia says:

Y'all are too hilarious; I love it. Keep all the debunking of diet myths coming our way!

Amanda Hamel says:

Fuckin looooove this!!!! Laughed so hard! God damn you, GWYNETH and your farty GOOP gunk! Lol

Rezena Enendu says:

goodness you guys were hilarious I was cracking up and I definitely will not do it detox such as this cuz they will put me in ICU thank you for filming this video.

Amy Gorin says:

great video!

MrBlepharitis says:

Also do the HotNFit E/C Method

MrBlepharitis says:

This is fucking hilarious, you are going to be famous soon. Rep the 6, we the NoRth!

Camyy says:

Gwyneth Paltrow is insane! Just lemon water for breakfast, no thank you.

The Simple Dietitian says:

I swear Abby Langer and I were separated at birth! The hangry was real Abbey 😂😂

Sindberg Ranner says:

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Stephanie Walker says:

You guys are funny, thanks for feeling the pain for me.

Marina Morais says:

I'm having some brownies as I watch this… I'm sorry, guys! That looks like torture!

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