14 Foods that Cleanse the Liver

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Help detox your liver naturally through the foods you eat. Dr. Group gives his list of the top 14 Foods to help cleanse the liver. Visit http://www.globalhealingcenter.com for the latest in alternative health.

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Sandy Aiyar says:

*Love your Liver*

sophia kapoor says:

14 Foods that Cleanse the Liver

SA Ahmed says:

2Grapefruit-help increase liver detox enzymes
3Beets and carrots
4Green Tea-catechins
5Leafy Greens
6. Avocados-helps produce glutathione (antioxidant)
7. Apples-high in pectin
8. Olive Oil-help produce a lipid base to suck up toxins
9.Whole Grains-rich in B complex vitamins
10. Cruciferous Vegetables-flush out carcinogens
11. Lemons and Limes-vitamin C
12. walnuts-arginine, to help remove ammonia.
13. Cabbage-stimulate activation of liver detox enzymes
14. Turmeric-same as cabbage
15. Artichokes, asparagus, kale, brussel sprouts.

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Brooklyn Haft says:

So does this mean that if you cleanse your liver that your liver will start
burning your fat again….

ICE Emergency Help says:

14 Foods that Cleanse the Liver

Janice Moreau says:

This was GREAT! Clear & Concise <3 You are awesome !!!

Maggie VintageCorePatterns says:

Thanks, I needed to hear this. Garlic number one… And I avoid it because
it lingers on me so bad… But I’ll try, with some lady green parsley and
hope for the best I still have a couple friends left in a week. 🙂 the
apples.. Very good info. I found it all so informative. Thank u again

mykimikimiky says:

it would be great if just talk would be accompanied by at least pictures
(of food). for easier memorising also.

Stan Murray says:

Hey, you may generally be on the right track but can you show a teensy
weensy little bit of evidence, pleasy weasy?
Why do you wear a surgical top whilst presenting on You Tube?
You’re better than that!

jeremy says:

*Detox Diet* | *Cleansing Body Cleanse* | *Total Wellness Cleanse*

Sindy Lowery says:

Check out this video on YouTube:check it out!!!! Liver information 

East17A says:

Why nobody warning about eating pork / pig meat .. that fat contain in this
animal meat it will destroy your liver .. not to mention the heart and
arteries problems that kills people or cost them a lot of money to cure ..
that pork pecan people eat is nothing but poisoning fat .. what is it that
so unusual about it .. too many food around but this one .. and for some
reason people get mad when i talk about it like that !! despite the
religions been against it .. to be objective there is reason why ..
scientifically it is not a gimmick pig / pork meat are as bad as smoking !!

Jass Puri says:

14 Foods that Cleanse the Liver

John Arizona says:

I have a question for you Doctor, clearly everyone needs these treatments
from time to time but only a small fraction of our society can actually
afford them. Any suggestions?

porscheoscar says:

I have been mixing ground tumeric and match green tea into my water bottle.
I’ll add a daily grapefruit in the morning. I already eat guacomole pretty
regularly. I’ve stopped drinking and have removed mouth wash with alcohol.
Brocoli I get organic at BJ’s in the frozen foods section. Garlic and olive
oil I use in salads that I mix with Brisling Sardines or canned Sockeye
Salmon, those two fish have been the make or break ingredient in weight
loss for me. There’s something in hitting the right balance of Omega 3 and
6 that seems to tap into my existing body fat stores. If I rely mostly on
Omega 3 rich foods like olive oil, nuts, chicken, eggs and whole wheat the
resulting inflamation must have some negative liver effect in weight loss.
The trick for me has been to lean on vegetables, fatty fish, low fat dairy
like Greek yogurt and reduced fat Swiss cheese and the dark berries.

qbulb says:

While listening, I thought a list might be helpful for you all. No I am in
no affiliate with Dr Group.

Garlic, small amount
Grapefruit or grapefruit juice
Beets and Carrots
Green Tea
Leafy Green Vegs
Apples, pectin
Olive oil, hempseed oil, flaxseed oil
Whole grains: brown rice
Cuciferous vegs
Lemon and/or lime


KITTY B says:

Im concerned about this..he stated to *KEEP* your liver healthy to eat
these 14 foods, but what about a damage liver such as stage 2 cirrhosis
and last week doctor finding lumps on my liver. I had a ultrasound and
blood work done and waiting for results…Im nervous and need some info on
a liver that is not to well, also have Hep C :(

Barbara Richardson says:

It’s simple really …..let food be your medicine.
Let 2015 be a healthier year 

moe jaime says:

don’t bullshit people this video is just an lure to sell your pills !

Cassidy Johnson says:

Nice. I’m doing pretty much every thing on the list. Learned something

Janice Moreau says:

Well… I feel so honored that you responded to me! I shared your info on
my facebook page because you provided such great info. that everyone needs
to hear. I have just started on a new health path working towards green &
clean eating and was so happy to find your info on Youtube. I have never
been a big meat eater, however I still have some modifications that I will
be working towards. Sincerely, Thank You!!! Can’t wait to learn more
about herbs too* 

Eren Mckay says:

14 Foods that Cleanse the Liver
14 Foods that Cleanse the Liver

skirts365 says:

I was almost shocked when he mentioned lemons, because these are so widely
ignored. But then, I WAS shocked that he had nothing to say about the
citric acid content of lemons, which far outranks their importance for
vitamin C. Then there’s the matter of lemons removing arterial calcium if
used persistently. Just watch out it doesn’t also take off your teeth
enamel so—drink fast, rinse well, and no enamel loss.

Marc K says:

Lol never seen such an red apple tought “cherry” in my mind and the guy
says apples. 

LibertyAnneJustice says:

Garlic, Grapefruit, Beets, Carrots, Green Tea, Leafy Green Vegetables,
Avocados, Apples,Olive Hemp Seed Flax Seed Oil, Brown Rice,Cruciferous
Vegetables, Lemons Limes, Walnuts, Cabbage, Turmeric, Asparagus, Brussel
Sprouts, Kale.

Graham Spink says:

Many thanks for teaching me healthier eating habits …. I have just
subscribed to your very interesting and informative website

Seventh Universe says:

I always down a clove of garlic with a shot of 2 ounces of tequila

kathy jo tourtois says:

great info . i enjoyed it . ty dr. have a great weekend and a healthy 2015

KetoBabe says:

I am so glad you did not forget to mention Avocado and its glutathione
I also like the use of the herb milk thistle.
Great presentation thanks.

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